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Originally Posted by Champ04 View Post
Word! To ya mamma.
How do you like your REX? I used to own the 51SE and 600 monoblocks. My colleague also owns the MAXX2s. Haven't heard the REX yet, but a friend of mine is considering one, so maybe one day soon . . . .
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I always find it difficult to describe things to other people because we all listen to things differently and have different tastes.

So I'll tell you a story regarding the Rex and let you take it as you will.

When I first got it I immediatly knew it was superior to the 51SE and probably one of the best preamps I'd ever heard.
As it was breaking in I noticed it getting better but really wasnt paying much attention. The music is just so engaging.
Then I took it back out so that a friend could try it in his system for a bit. I put the 51SE back in. Honest to God my first impression was that the 51SE was broke. The sound stage collapsed so much that I though for sure a tube had gone bad. Turns out everything was just fine.
Thats how much I like the Rex. I honestly believe, regardless of personal taste, that its the best line source ever made.
Its that good. Dollar for dollar its the most important piece in my system.

The word is from BAT that everyone who has heard it and has the means to afford it has baught it.
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Originally Posted by Quint View Post
I'm most definitely not in the cables-don't-make-a difference camp, and I think there are expensive cables that justify their pricetags . . .
like which ones?
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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post
like which ones?
Some Jena Labs models, to be specific. IMO, for the performance they deliver, they're actually reasonably priced. Now, don't get me wrong: Jena makes some models that are outrageously priced, but even those can be compared quite favorably to the most expensive (and acclaimed) cables on the planet. Just IMO, mind you, and YMMV.
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 Now here's a thread worth reviving from the archived graves of Head-Fi smile.gif


 Later on this year with a bit of luck and personal effort - I may be able to attend a

 Nordost demonstration of their higher end offerings, namely the Valhalla and Odin.


 I've dabbled at length with the Leif series across interconnects, speaker cables

 and the Blue Heaven power cord - (the latter never being a favorite or anything,

 it never seemed to make much of a difference over a stock IEC, the same could

 be said of the Chord Co entry level unit.


 I do own the Heimdall Revision #2 power cord - this thing is a different bag,

 there is no doubt to my ears via blindtest that there is a sense of lowered

 noise floor - not sure if it has worsened any other aspect of listening experience

 that some report on here.


 As for the Odin - there is no doubt that this outrageously priced cable in all its

 incarnations is jacked full of $$$ margin. You only have to look at Music Direct at the moment

 - they are currently off-selling the Nordost Frey RCA's in 1 metre for $550 with free delivery.


 That is 50% off - not bad.


 It is a vulture like mentality and one that does not appeal to my morals but this

is one way to get into a set of Odin cables or power cord, regardless of their cost

- some keen Hi-Fi  guy has bought them and he is now facing financial ruin in one way or another.


 Seek high, seek low - it could take you a year. But I bet that with a bit of super sleuthing.


Some poor chap out there will take $6000 in cold card cash for a barely used Nordost Odin power

cord out at $18,000.


Would be good to compare other so called 'pinnacle' offerings from other makes, as for arguing that

these are priced out of this world and jacked full of margin.


What is the solution? Look at making your own Odin replica? Hardly possible :-)

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