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These just look so darned COOL.  They're not as 'beautiful' as these sweet cans (teehee) though:


Also, how come nobody has put a microphone on those portapros?  It's practically destiny that those funky looking contraptions have a microphone on them somewhere.

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YEAAAAH! I was waiting for one of the orthoheads to bust up this circlejerk! lol

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GAME OVER!biggrin.gif

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Shim shim shallabim, this thread is back:

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Nice bunch of thunderpants... personally I'm not a big fan of the way it looks (I'm more a fan of the way it sounds : unique), nor I am a big fans of the the way DIYs look in general... I feel like too many parts doesn't fit together, too many discernable materials, bronze plating and plastic with two different leather and wood, silver golden accents, too many details and materials to look at.


From audio cubes, "

Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2ANV 50th Anniversary DJ Headphones"








I love Japan, I want a pair of headphones from this country too. I like the Grado look and sound, and I like them for many other aspects and personal reasons too, but I love Japan as a whole. I don't particularly like Germany, but maybe one day I will.


Japan makes intelligent, light, efficient and innovative products... like the Katana

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FA-002w high edition by Fischer Audio.







And from LFF's review (http://www.head-fi.org/t/577460/review-fischer-audio-fa-002w-high-edition)





Sorry if you do not get to see much of the headphones other than the egg shaped wooden cups. Yes the oval shape is what I like about them... they're quite unique this way. Those two high edition looks specially good but they have them in many other wood types. (Fischer FA-002w)


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