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Cowon X7 this summer!

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while its sad to see the x5 go, im excited to hear the news that cowon will be replacing it with the x7. im even more excited to see how it will stack up against the other players, namely the ZVM, gigabeat s60, and the zune... im gonna have so many players to choose from this summer, can't wait.

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Very interesting...thanks for the news. I love my X5 but I don't know how much longer the battery is gonna last...the X7 could be my next move if it's good.
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I dearly hope they stick with the tactile controls on the X7 and not switch to touch screen stuff like the d2
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Well that's certainly good timing; since my X5 has a battery life of about 2 hours now i was just about to look at a new MP3 player to purchase - guess i can hold out for that now.
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doesn't look bad at all! would be nice for support for mp4 video and audio h264 etc...
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I hope the screen is 2.5" or bigger! and no touch screen please! but can't wait in any case :>
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I was just thinking about this this morning, wishing that Cowon would come out with an 80 gig player. There had been rumors that the X5 would be the last of the disk based players and that Cowon was going to focus only on flash. Since it's supposedly set for a summer release, it's curious that there hasn't been any news on it, much less a release of the specs.
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My X7 recipe:

80GB, with drag and drop, gapless and 34 hour battery life please.
black and white screen will be ok.
A decent quality line out - I don't want to hear the HD or when I press a button please like the M3. Line out is an improvement over headphone...but geez.
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It's interesting to guess what cowon will bring to the consumers this summer. But i think it willbe 3in plus screen with tectile control instead of jtk. I want more format support like AAC and better(different)UI support.
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they skipped a number...haha

just got my x5 too...blah, i'll probably get this x7 anyways
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Add the following to the X5L, and I'll get it:

Something sturdier than the joystick, but not touch.
ID3 Support.
Lossless would but nice, but not necessary.
Larger screen.
TV Out
More video codec support.
Approximate thickness of the D2.

I think that, added to the powerhouse that is the X5L, would make a great player.
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darn, i just bought an x5...
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Originally Posted by GooNiEGooGoo View Post
they skipped a number...haha

just got my x5 too...blah, i'll probably get this x7 anyways
No they didn't.

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I am looking forward to seeing the X7. A launch in summer seems unlikely as there has been no info released about it yet. IMO it is highly unlikely the screen will be larger then 2.5" as Cowon have the A2/A3 for people who want a larger screen.
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do you still have a d2?
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