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Most glorious male voice ever? - Page 7

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Johnny Mathis
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Frank Sinatra
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Enrico Caruso
John McCormack
Aureliano Pértile
Lauritz Melchior
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Only a couple votes for Maynard James Keenan?

From whisper to full-voice to falsetto to scream, he can effortlessly communicate pure emotion in any context and form.
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yeah MJK is up there, I forgot about him!
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No Nick Cave voters?
Sébastièn Tellier

Barry White has done some magic for me.
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Originally Posted by wnewport View Post
This has been a favorite song of mine for some time. I really enjoy the whole cd, Hard Headed Woman and Wild World also sound fantastic.

On a Chieftains cd, you can find a Diana Krall/Art Garfunkel cover of the song. It is completely different, but worth listening to.
Someone who knows it when he hears it! ;-)
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Originally Posted by jtizzle View Post
Rob Halford!

Steve Perry was great as was Freddie Mercury.

Whoever said Phil Collins...mmm, dunno if he should rank up with the greats, but he is for sure underrated. He tried hard anyway.

Others who I think are great...Steve Winwood, Rob Younger from Radio Birdman/New Christs, Robin Zander, and I think Robert Plant certainly deserves to be listed among the greats.

I think Elvis may be a candidate for the top 10, as well. I'd have to think about that a little harder though to be sure.
Steve Winwood, is a hands down favorite of mine! Jimi Hendrix wanted him to join the Experience, but was too much in awe of him to ask. Ironic considering Hendrix's stature.
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1. Ray Charles
2. Frank Sinatra
3. Louis Armstrong
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Mel Torme.!. Especially in his later years. While other voices failed with age his improved.
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No one lists Antony Hegarty or Rufus Wainright? I think Rufus is just incredible, nasally and all. Glorious.
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Justin Timberlake on Justified
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HaHa...good joke - I hope.
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And who could forget Eddie Murphy on Party All The Time
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"Most glorious" - Not even my style, but from I've heard I'd say Josh Groban.
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