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Nat King Cole and Johnny Hartman are two that I like quite a bit in jazz.
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Eric Burdon

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Originally Posted by Sordel View Post
Cat Stevens has a nice voice, but it's a little too syrupy for my taste; that said "Sad Lisa" and "The Wind" take some beating, so somewhere between writing the songs and singing them Cat didn't do too badly. As for why he was refused entry to the U. S., I didn't think that anyone knew for sure, but it was certainly a bad mistake by U. S. immigration.

Jeff Buckley, yes. Freddy Mercury, yes. Nick Drake, Scott Walker, Rufus Wainwright, Robert Plant, Prince? It's so difficult to pick just one when the material that they sing is often so disparate.

I'd be tempted, though, to say Tim Buckley. His material wasn't particularly good (IMHO) but his voice always made it sound glorious.
Yes, I like those too from Cat Stevens, but if anyone has not heard "morning has broken", with a quality bit of headphile equipment they are missing my point.

I do like the direction and popularity of this thread, so I see it going for awhile to the benefit of us all.

thanks for you input! ;-D

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X2 for Jeff Buckley, his voice reminds me of watching Roger Federer play tennis... perfection.
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Daniel Gildenlow of Pain of Salvation.
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Definitely Jeff Buckley, the control and the range. Wow.
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Paul Robeson, Luciano Pavarotti, John Denver
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My vote would have to go to Andrea Bocelli. listen to some cuts on this link.

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Bing Crosby, the original crooner........just don't listen to the Christmas stuff.
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Smokey Robinson
John Fogerty
Louis Armstrong
Joey Ramone
Richard Manuel
Bruce Springsteen
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David Pack
Kurt Elling
Todd Rundgren
John Oates
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Jeff Lynn
Roy Wood
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Originally Posted by pinkfloyd4ever View Post
I was going to say that just because no one else had... until I saw your post...

Since no one else has said this one...

Jeff Scott Soto
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2x on Simen Hestnaes aka I.C.S. Vortex. He has something omnipotent power in his voice. His live-perfomance is very dodgy sometimes though, depending on day.
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Bradley Nowell or Maynard James Keenan.
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