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Removing the foam from HD600

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Can anyone advise how you remove the foam liner the covers the dirvers on the HD600's? I read in the 'why I dislike HD600' thread, that removing the foam may help present an improved sound. Thanks very much for the help.

By the way, I would say the HD600's = a mercedes (top up) smooth; Grado 225's = a vette (top down) lol.... wrong thread... but had to say it...

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...first pull off the velvet earpads, then pull out the foam pads. You'll like the unveiled sound!
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it was Jazz's posts that converted me too
try to grab the pads by the innermost parts, instead of the outer edge, this should minimise stress on the seams where the pads connect to the plastic inner ring
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referring to the velvet pads btw, not the inner foam pads
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Jazz & aBlade

Thanks fellas-- your right ablade, it was Jazz's post that sparked my request. quite an interesting thread that one is.

Thanks very much! I will do it at home tonight.
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thats ablaZe..yknow..like the fire
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I tried this, and the sound was better, but only slightly (by my ears anyway). Also, I've got big ears and I'm kinda concerned about them touching the paper on the diaphragm, skin oils and all that probably won't do much good to it, so I stuck the foam back in.
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Well I just opened my HD580. I only replaced the left side so I could compare. I also here some improvement without that pad. Seems like there was a bit less overwhelming bass which was good and the highs were better. I only listened to it for a few minutes though through my MD player as a DAC. Pardon the dust in the following pics. I havn't used these things in a while

Ok so the replacement material looks "ill" but it's thinner than paper. I usually use it for clothing designs.

It's much thinner than the stock pad. This camera doesn't do macro well so the pic is a little blurry.

It's in. Looks weird but um.. it's all about the sound right?

I guess I'll be spending more time w/ my HD580 tonight.
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ablaZe! and lan!

Well, I just got home and carefully followed JAzz's, ablaZe's & Lan's instructions; and schazam!.... I must say, I can tell a difference. Nice improvement. The veil is gone IMO. Thanks a lot, it is a strong difference I think.

Lan, I must say, those are excellent photo's and really, an excellent tutorial on exchanging the foam with the thin paper. Thanks for your trouble. I think I need hose or some type of material to protect the driver area as well... so will do that next.

But Jazz, you are right.... nice solid improvement I think. I have the new love of my life on my ears right now lol, and and am very pleased. Now if I had the real true love of my life on my ears right now... oh my, that is bad lol...

Thanks again!
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Re: ablaZe! and lan!


...I'm glad you like it! I suggest not to use paper (a hard, reflecting material!) as a replacement, if you want to keep some protection for the driver, but ultra-thin fabric just as nylon gauze (or why not stockings...), which is acoustically less reactive. The clearest sound is without any cover, but even myself I use some nylon gauze now – it's just a small difference, and not necessarily to the worse.

I have the new love of my life on my ears right now lol, and am very pleased. Now if I had the real true love of my life on my ears right now... oh my, that is bad lol...
That's something I sometimes also dream of... (not that I would give my HD 600 away for it!) , but I guess I'm just too old now...

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I have been inspired to remove my foam pads as well....wow!

I must say that I am surprised at the difference it makes in the sound clarity / realism. I wish I would have thought of this before.

For now, I am leaving the diaphragm exposed, but taking care to have as little direct contact w/ my ears as possible.

I wonder why sennheiser hasn't come up with some alternative to using the foam pads?....
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I've also noticed a big difference in removing the foam pads and so will leave them off...still not like my R10's though
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I've got the 580s. Is it just me or am I doing something wrong? I'm getting no clue how to take the pads off. Do I just brute force tear them off?

Ok, it's actually true! I just tried right now...you just brute force remove them. Interesting...
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Uh, before I do this. . . I take it I'm just removing that inside black cloth?
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You're just removing the foam sheet covering the driver.
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