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yeah i know... *-fi gets on some people's nerves...

but i've noticed a fair number of us are gun owners

for those who live in countries where the gunlaws are very restrictive airsoft or deactivated is fine if you mention it is

and if guns and their owners scare you or you are an anti-gun type you shouldn't have clicked on the thread to begin with so please DO NOT post anti-gun comments in my thread

the whole collection

and a few favorites of the collection (for those who don't click links)

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Although I am definately not a member of Gun-Fi, I can certainly appreciate a nice collection. And that is indeed a handsome looking collection.

My favorites are the ones that are beat up with a lot of scarring in the patina - they have a lot of 'character'.
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Guns are illegal here, even things that 'look' like real guns and shoot projectiles (airsoft, bb, paintball, air rifles and pistols) but that doesn't stop me from loving guns And WOW!
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I love the M1 30 carbine, I wished I had gotten a paratrooper model to go with my regular one.

I do have a folding stock ...

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Hopefully in a few years I can buy at least a pistol of good caliber (I live in California, and from what I heard, they take extra precautions) and maybe a rifle with a scope. I love how this hobby trains you in patience and precision; both things I love to practice.
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I'm a bit of a Smith and Wesson fan...

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Originally Posted by marvin View Post
I'm a bit of a Smith and Wesson fan...

Airsoft right?
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Originally Posted by Matt_Carter View Post
Airsoft right?
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That's my concealed carry gun. IWB holster all the way.

I've also got a 5" Walther P22 and just recently bought a Tanfolgio Limited Custom in 10mm.

I own one AR-15 with a White Oaks Armament Varmint Upper (20" staintless bull barrel) with a RRA lower receiver with 2 stage NM trigger, Magpul PRS, and Bushnell Elite 4200 scope.

My 1,000 yard target rifle is a 700 Remington VSF in .308

I guess you could say I like guns.

I have been thinking of getting into IPSC matches. Wish I could find the time.
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My Sig P220ST .45, my only gun currently. I am considering picking up a Glock 26 9mm and getting my ccw.
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Where do I sign up?

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i have every one of thos rifles necro has. not the pistol tho. have a tarus .357 8 inch stainless barrel. outstanding revolver. have quite a few other rifles too. just too lazy to take a picture of em all. sks, savage 7mm mag, 8mm mauser m98, m1 garand (all matching numbers), to name a few off the top of my head.
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Too lazy to drag the long guns out, but here're a few of the handguns. Faves in the group are the USP .40 and S&W 908.

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Here's a few of mine...

Old Smith&Wesson .38 Special... not mine

My first Ruger...

9MM Taurus. Had a lot of use!

Heckler & Koch USP-40. Got it when they first came out

Taurus 94 .22

Smith & Wesson 586 .357

U talkin' to me? Model 27 .357 8 3/8 inch barrel

Group shot of Revolvers

Whole family
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Do these count?

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