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Sonicare Elite vs Oral-B Triumph

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I'm thinking of getting an electric toothbrush, which one is better?
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Manual toothbrush ftw. Stiff bristles and Euthymol toothpaste.
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I'd say the Sonicare, it IS after all ELITE.

That's coming from an Englishman though, and we have the worst teeth ever. Ever see that Simpsons episode with the book of British Teeth the dentist scares the kids with? I think it was the Bleeding gums Murphy episode...

But seriously, my dentist recommends the Sonicare. Check with your Oral Health Practitioner.

Or chew on bamboo, that's meant to work quite well
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Most dentists and dental students that I've talked to prefer the Sonicare. Course, that may have something to do with Sonicare's dental student focused marketing... Oral-B is finally getting their act together in that respect, so that may change in the future.

There's little to no difference in efficacy though, so you can't go wrong.
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Eh my dentist recommended me Oral-B. It's whoever pays them more. I just like the design better on the oral-B which sonically cleans too... I like the circular motion from the head.
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My dentist, once I finally got a good one, first recommended an Interplak. I used that for a time. It was OK, but tended to shed bristles. A couple of years later he said that Sonicare had come out with the Elite model, which was a great improvement. He recommends that now. I've been using it for a year and a half, and checkups have been slightly better than they were after using the Interplak, and much better than after using a manual toothbrush. This is judged by the amount of picking that the hygienist has to do while cleaning.

It doesn't really matter, though. Brush regularly with what you have. Use soft bristles and brush longer. The most critical thing to do is find a good dentist and hygienist. Brushing doesn't get deep enough. You need that professional cleaning done by someone who knows how to do it. I spent years going to the wrong dentist and just about ended up with a terrible case of periodontal disease because of bad cleanings. Only the fact that I'm a good, regular brusher and flosser saved my teeth.
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I've switched from Sonicare (Crest) to OralB (one below the triumph, but functions the same and I can use the same triumph head) and found something interesting that may not apply to all people.
Though I think that both have the same cleaning potential, I found the Oral B easier to use overall due to the size of the brushhead. With the Sonicare, it was easy to miss the gumline due to the thinner head. It was because of my "brushing style" which would need to be adjusted to use the Sonicare correctly. Obviously it would be different for others due to physical differences and technique in brushing.
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My dentists recommend whichever one they happen to sell.

My previous dentist sold Sonicare, my current dentist sells Oral-B. I have both and prefer manual.
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I'll never go back to manual. The sonic stuff helps a lot if you want to brush a long time but are too lazy to do so.
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Brillo pad and hydrogen peroxide. Enamel is for bath tubs.
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Gum for life.
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Eh - I don't think it matters as long as you floss. I have a Sonicare but I still get plaque.
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I use the Sonicare Elite. Haven't tried the Oral-B. I'm not a big fan of rotary brushes, though.

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Friend of mine is doing dental research at the university and she says the Sonicare and Waterpik top models are the best. I went with the Sonicare Elite.
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I've had both and I don't think either is inherently better. The Sonicare tends to splatter a bit more if you are not careful how you handle it. I prefer Sonicare only because the brush seems to last longer (six months vs three).

I'll never go back to manual toothbrush though. Electrics are more convenient to use and provide me with a better and more consistent brushing experience. And it shows in my checkups too.
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