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ibasso t2 update and pre-order info - Page 2

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No pictures yet? If they look just as spectacular as their older sibling... : )'
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The T2 is up for order on there web site now, with a pic of the three colours available. Just placed a order for the black one......
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ibasso website seems not to want to let me order the T2
anyone else find the website checkout not working?
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Doesn't work with Firefox -at least for me- but works fine with IE.
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Had to jump into my time machine and use IE no other browser
would work on OSX for me, thanks Zaroff and thanks Head-fi!
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can anyone post the picture, it's not displaying for me. I've tried 3 different browsers.
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nevermind, found it through their index.
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Hoorah! I received an email today that says its being shipped!
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Here's a more direct link to the T2 product page:

iBasso T2

Very nice looking indeed, can't wait for more pics!
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Just received my shipping email.........
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Is there another thread discussing this particular amp? It's hard to search this forum for "iBasso T2" because it cuts off "T2" for being too short.
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Not really, not much to discuss that hasn't already been brought up in this thread. Though there is some talk about the t2 in the last pages of the huge discussion about ibasso t1, but all that is known up to this point is already here in this thread by now.

Ain't that much do discuss since no one has heard it yet. Hopefully someone will post some impressions here soon since they've been shipped now.
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I hope that this is a better amp then the T1.
Honestly I do not understand the anxiety around this product.
IMO the T1 was one of the worst sounding amps I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. It was small and cute but far from a good sounding amp, even considering the low price.
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for anybody who can't access the company webpage, ALOaudio also carry it
(i'm helpin to promote it cuz i wanna know how it stacks up... kindda evil i know... muahhahahaha)
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We had a discussion about the prototype that was at the Int-l Meet. It was nice, does not catch up to sr-71 that I was listening to with it back to back, but it did fairly well for the size.

And ya, shipped, ya! Free leather bag too =]
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