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Woo Audio 2 - A Work of Visual and Sonic Beauty

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Today I received my new Woo Audio 2 amp. I must admit that I have been aching for a Woo Audio product for over a month. The more I read about them, the more pictures I saw of them, the more I wanted one. I just recently bought a Darkvoice 332, which has been sold to another Head-Fi member. I had that amp for a few weeks when I could no longer resist the Siren call of the Woo Audio products. I think the thread that reviewed the Woo Audio 4, with some stunning pictures and positive narrative, pretty much pushed me over the edge.

I decided on the WA2. I selected this model because it could take up to 4 inputs and to me just seemed to have more muscle than any other amp in the Woo line short of the WA5 (which I thought about for a few minutes but decided that $3K was a bit more than I wanted to spend). So I went to the Woo Audio website and placed my order.

I received an order confirmation email from Jack, who explained that it would take about a week to ten days to build my amp, test it, and ship it out to me. I then inquired about possible tube upgrades, and he said he offered an upgrade from the 6AS7 to the Tung-Sol 5998 for $65. I snapped up that upgrade immediately, which brought the price of the WA2 as delivered to $1,055 shipped to my door.

When the package arrived I unpacked the amp and set it up on my stand, installing the tubes that Woo Audio supplied. I boxed up the Darkvoice 332 and got it ready to ship out to its new owner.

Let me tell you that the WA2, armed with the Tung-Sol 5998s, is one imposing through wonderfully elegant statement product that conveys quality long before you plug in your first set of cans. I could not help but sit in my chair and admire the look of this product.

I powered up the amp and the tubes lit up with a warm glow. I took my AKG K701 cans from their stand and plugged them into the WA2. I reached for my copy of Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else and it went into my Denon DVD-3910. My choice of recordings was deliberate. I know most of my favorite jazz recordings inside and out.

I loved the sound of this recording on the WA2 with stock tubes on my AKG K701s. The trumpets and sax featured an open, airy and enveloping property that I found to be entralling. Highs were well defined and clear, without being over powering. Notes on the horns were full bodied and had rich texture, much more so than the Darkvoice 332. Bass extension was also deeper on the WA2, and this amp held low frequencies together better than the Darkvoice as well.

Keep in mind that these are just some initial impressions based on an hour of listening to a new amp that still needs to be properly run in. I have some NOS Tung-Sol 6X4 rectifier tubes and a number of 6922/6DJ8 variants to try out, namely the Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Label NOS tubes. A few Head-fiers were kind enough to recommend some of the more affordable 6922 type tubes, such as the GE grey glass, which I have a pair of here. It is my intention to keep the stock tubes in for the first 40 to 60 hours of run in. I really want to get a good feel for the amp's character with stock tubes before I start tuberolling on this amp.

Expect to see some additional comments as I gather more listening experience. I would also like to say that Jack at Woo Audio is a class act. He very patiently and politely answered the many questions I asked, and was very much in step with my needs as an audiophile. I think the WA2 would disappoint very few owners, if any, right out of the box with stock tubes. I've only listened to a few jazz albums so far but I really like what I hear and expect it to only get better. I think the WA2 is the best thousand bucks I ever spent.

I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD650s and Grado RS-1s. I will be sure to discribe some of my listening experiences with these cans. Look for more details to come this weekend.

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Super sweet! Great pics.

You're making me want to upgrade my 3. I'm using a Tung-Sol 5998 with Amperex.
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Beautiful. Please keep us informed. Very curious.
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Wow I love wooaudio! I will get one when I settle down~
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You really should get one of these. They will make the Woo2 going to heaven

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God those are beautiful Edison, I'm glad as hell I sold my Monarchy M24 before I started laying down for a life time supply of those (Assuming I can even find any).
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
God those are beautiful Edison, I'm glad as hell I sold my Monarchy M24 before I started laying down for a life time supply of those (Assuming I can even find any).
hummm, I think you can! I know of people still having some of them in stock. However putting the CCa in a vacuum tube output buffer stage is kind of a waste. I would more likely to use them as preamp signal or driver tube.

They are the best E88CC I have found, truely the best. I enjoy siemens D getter CCa, but not going to the same level as I do with the TFK's. I don't think it is just me
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Congrats on such a beautiful amp! Hopefully Jack releases his balanced amp soon!
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that's a lovely looking amp. i look fwd to hearing your impressions once it's burned in and you've played it with further. i wonder how it compares to the woo 5 or 6 sonically.
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Great Looking amp. I have the WA6 and just love it.Jack is the best guy to work with, and his products are top shelf!
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Yeah, the entire Woo line blew me away at the head-fi meet. I think I'm going to get a 3 or a 6 as my next amp. The build quality on these is absolutely superb.

I must say though, I hate it when people group Woo with the Asian amps. These aren't cheap products at all and are made right here in the USA.
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Yaaargh, I want my WA6 n o w!
ETA: "May 19th, if not sooner". ^^
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Indeed, Jack is a class act

If I have to pick one, I would put Woo Audio / Jack Wu as the best seller in the headphile circle. Polite, responsive, knowledgeable, humble and low profile, helpful person, who make the best in class products at an extremely reasonable price, while deliver fast and standing strong behind his products, and offer prompt after sale support to those in need, and at the same time keep innovating and expanding his product line.

No one is even close.

F. Lo
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There are a number of interesting 6DE7 versions out here. I recently purchased some with triple getters. They are RCA with two side getters and one U top getter, no shield and all black plates. I have some Sylvania all black plate with shield, some with all grey plate and shield and some with the driver as a grey plate and the power section of the tube as a black plate. Intersting combinations, now to see how they sound.
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Originally Posted by wovenhand View Post
Yaaargh, I want my WA6 n o w!
ETA: "May 19th, if not sooner". ^^
ETA: May 20th, if not later.
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