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Some of The Orb's stuff is pretty spacey.

Solvent - If you can find his first album, released independently

The Egg - Travelator
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Originally Posted by FalconP View Post
Vidna Obmana -- The River of Appearance (piano, assorted percussion and electronics); Subteranean Collective (collection of rare pieces, with layers of new music added)

A Produce -- Reflect like a Mirror, Respond like an Echo (assorted ambient styles, from minimalistic chordwork to melodic pieces)

Al Gromer Khan -- Space Hotel (Indian-spiced ambient soundscapes)

About anything by Liquid Mind (e.g. Slow World) are done as aids for insomniacs. You may check out the duo 2002 if you want something more mainstream "new age" and melodic.
That first collection you posted is almost exactly what I'm looking for , will definitely check some of these out!

Originally Posted by Asr View Post
Amorphous Androgynous - Tales of Ephidrina
Future Sound of London - Lifeforms
Global Communication - 76:14
I keep getting recommended these but never get round to it, I'm guessing they are similiar to Biosphere and Aphex Twin ?

May I add that I would welcome non-electronica stuff too, as long as it has some sort of minimalist dreamy ambience to it (e.g. Sigur Ros).
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I would list KLF-Space in here as well. I'm a big Pete Namlook fan, but one album I have always been fond of is Planetarium by Namlook and the New Composers. Mixmaster Morris is another favorite, especially his mix album called The Morning After. Same for Irresistible Force - Global Chillage. I see a couple of Eluvium recommendations and for good reason. Albums are great.
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Almost anything by:

Brian Eno
Harald Bludd
Ronald Binge

Some stuff by Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and some pieces by Mike Oldfield.

Also, see how you like this.
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Originally Posted by titaniumx3 View Post
(...)In general what I have found is that I prefer the more dreamy, sublime spacey type stuff, the sort of music that seems to leave you day dreaming.
I think I know what you mean, so I would highly recommend these:

- M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us
- ULRICH SCHNAUSS - Far Away Trains Passing By & A Strangely Isolated Place
- HILMAR ÖRN HILMARSSON & SIGUR RÓS - Angels of the Universe
- HECTOR ZAZOU - Sahara Blue & Songs from the Cold Seas
- CUL DE SAC - Crashes to Light Minutes to Its Fall
- CIPHER - No Ordinary Man
- NO-MAN - Together We're Stranger
- MICHAEL SCHRIEVE - Transfer Station Blue
- ROBERT RICH - Seven Veils
- B-TRIBE - Spiritual, Spiritual
- JULEE CRUISE - Floating Into the Night
- CONSTANCE DEMBY - Novus Magnificat & Sacred Space Music
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Originally Posted by Demetrio View Post
I think I know what you mean, so I would highly recommend these:

- NO-MAN - Together We're Stranger
Ah, great shout! One of my favourite albums
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Just took a spin on Hotel Ambient and, seeing that you like slow, luminous, enveloping drones, I think the following albums are made for you:

The Standing Stones of Callanish and The Land of Merlin by Jon Mark -- the use of vintage, low-tech synths gives these two albums an unique, amber-colored glow. The music is very melodic and, to me, heartbreakingly sad.

The piece "Nove Alberi", in Harold Budd's album Luxa, is another piece that is at once unbelievably simple and endlessly rich.

If you prefer something that goes on and on without a tune, check out Steve Roach's The Magnificent Void, as well as his classic Dreamtime Return (in particular disc 2). You'll probably like most (if not all) stuff by Vidna Obmana released under the label Projekt.

I have a feeling that you'll dig the Adagietto movement of Mahler's Symphony #5 (easily available in libraries: no harm checking it out), and Arvo Part's Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten
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Originally Posted by Demetrio View Post
- NO-MAN - Together We're Stranger
Originally Posted by Floodedstatue View Post
Ah, great shout! One of my favourite albums
Glad to meet another fan of NO-MAN over here!!! I have almost all their albums, and like them all.
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There are a lot of artists on the (now defunct) Merck label that would fit this bill.

Secede 'Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic'
Deru 'Trying to Remember'
Adam Johnson 'Chiglak'
Proem 'Merck Mix 5' (mp3 disc with about 8 live sets of his, better than his cds)
Aurora (either compilation, both feature nothing but great slow paced electronica)

And on different labels:

Freescha 'Kids Fill the Floor'
Bibio 'Fi'
Bola 'Soup' (I can't recommend him enough, great album)

Can't go wrong with Boards of Canada either, 'campfire headphase' being their slowest and most dreamlike.
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Victorialand - Cocteau Twins
Talk Amongst The Trees - Eluvium
Lambent Material - Eluvium
Compass Heart - Scala
Continental - Robin Guthrie
E Luxo So - Labradford
Second Nature - Atom Heart, Tetsuo Inoue & Bill Laswell
Ambient Otaku - Tetsuo Inoue
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Well, you didnt say what kind of Dream, so I offer you some cold darkness and nightmares too.
I dont like percussive ambient at all, for me ambient is all about soundscapes, harmonies and effects, and my suggestions are based on elements like those.

Dreams Of Dying Stars - Stardance: Very space oriented ambient as name suggests. No that clicheed scifi soundeffect thingamabob, but soundscapes and harmonies that brings images of the humongous distances of cold void, but still colorfull and dangerous space. I like this album, especially title song and Devourer Of The Worlds song.

Lustmord - Heresy: Sort of trip to hell and its landscapes. Samples recorded in caves or so they say.

Endura - Black Eden: Pure darkness. Recorded with headphones!

Inade - Aldebaran: Again Space oriented. Instead of just harmonics and melodies like Dreams Of Dying Stars, this has more of effects like radio transmissions, machines, echoing humming, whatever. Hard to explain in english.

Jääportit - Uumenissa: (Icegates - In Depths, rought translation from finnish) Icy landscapes and eerie enviroments, calm windlike melodies... Maa Pirstaleista (Earth from shrads?) is an excellent song.

Lustmord - Zoetrope. Again nightmarish recording from Lustmord, but now Space and technology themed. No beauty, but choking fear and distress. Cyberpunkish, dunno? A MUST IMHO.
There is an shortmovie named Zoetrope too, where Lustmord made a soundtrack. Here is an trailer/musicvideo of it with a song from the album.

Neptune Towers - Transmissions From Empire Algol. Similar to dreamofdyingstars, but more sci-fic.

*fixed DODS album name
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Raphael - Music to disappear in II
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Lustmord is dark and scary, if it's dreamy he wants then you can't go wrong with Gone To Earth by David Sylvian. My friends and I describe it as whale music.

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Another video of Lustmord. From his Carbon/Core album. This is better example of his music cuz earlier one was still a trailer, and not a good example of his ambient stuff.
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Pigs Of The Roman Empire - Lustmord + Melvins
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