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Originally Posted by FullPuku View Post

Ballast Point is so good, I had another.


Indra Kanindra Curry Export Stout. (How appropriate) Includes Madras Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, Coconut, & Kaffir Lime leaf



Oh yeah, love me some Kunindra.  It's fun to introduce people to this beer, and they go "whaaa?  curry beer??"  


It's all a matter of pairing.  While it's great on its own, it pairs amazingly with fats to balance out the strong, distinct flavors.  Pair it with pizza, burgers, or even better, grilled ground lamb kebabs.  


I need to head down there soon to pick up another case...

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An appropriate beer for me as my last name is Curry, but even so, what a stunning beer. Hot like a true Indian curry dish, but not too hot. I had this with spicy Beef and Mozarella sausage dish, and deadie is absolutely right about how it matches and balances out the fats. 

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Nice!  Kunindra with beef n cheese sausages would be perfect.


Going tangential to beer "pairings", have any of your beer-heads found an ideal "beer order"?  


You know, you got a group of people over, there's ten 22oz bottles to be had, ranging from light Hefs & sessions, to reds, some sours, light porters, to syrup stuff like Parabola, and even some Belgians thrown in.


I'm not sure about hard and fast "to do's", but I know for sure there are things "not to do".


For instance, and quite obviously, don't start the day with a Triple IPA. You're going to get hammered too early, going to get numb tongue, and everything else will taste like... well, nothing.


Interestingly, we've also found that progressing up in ABV within a beer style isn't great either, say pale ales, to all sorts of double ipas, etc.  Ultimately, the strong hops and sweet malts will be fatiguing.


As such, I've just really been cracking open bottles randomly, maybe starting with a light fizzy Belgium, then a stout, to a red, to an ipa, to Kunindra, back to light sessions, etc.  All the while, snacking on diverse foods to further cleanse the palate for the next round.

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May very well be my favorite beer ever and brewed 10 minutes from home.   

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Here's one from earlier today...I guess this could fit into the Cigar-Fi thread too



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I'm liking this one by Griffin Claw (based in Birmingham, MI) lately...good everyday IPA.



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Happy Fathers Day to me! This is Dogfish Head World Wide Stout...it's quite likely my favorite after tonight!

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World Wide Stout was very good the last time I had it. It was something close to a dollar an ounce though! 

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It IS expensive...much too much so for an everyday beer. This was a special occasion (Fathers Day).
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Pilgrim's Dole by New Holland

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Came back from a nice sunset run and popped open a Saison Dupont.

It's just a perfect refreshing dry beer for me, with a bit of fruit and spice upfront with a light bitter citrus (but not overpowering tart) finish.

It's all so well integrated and lively. Love this one.  

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Just tried some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Very good stuff

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Sierra Nevada - Blindfold Black IPA


Bought it in a 12 variety pack. Hadn't seen this one before on it's own.

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comparing some lagers and an ale



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I'm disappointed this thread has seen such little activity lately. Apparently all Head-fiers have decided on a life of sobriety. Or we just all don't have any money left to spend on good beer after buying audio equipment.


Anyway I'm very active on Untappd and my goal is to continue posting here more regularly if people are interested. I have some very decent stuff in the inventory currently and a few specials that I'm going to be bringing out for some special occasions in the near future.

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