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Silicon Valley Mini-Meet, July 14 - Page 3

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count me in.
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Originally Posted by Asr View Post
Sorry for the lack of updates on this meet, been having some much bigger priorities.

I have to impose a 10-person limitation due to venue, so right now that includes only the listed people. This will be a small, informal meet now. Attendees, please confirm either here or via PM if you're attending. I've got you down amb so you don't need to confirm. If anyone has to drop out I'll fill in the missing spots with the extra names. I'll give the address of the location via PM as people confirm.

I've updated my part of the gear list to subtract some pieces that have been sold and acquired.

Lunch will likely be pizza unless there's enough of a dissenting vote.
Mark me off for the July meet. I'll go to the August meet. I will have my 340's balanced by then..
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If you have the space I'd like to attend (in some form anyways).
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It turns out that I'm free that day, so if there is room I would like to attend and bring some stuff. If not maybe another time.
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I can squeeze in 1 more person. mtkversion has been added to the list. I'll send PMs to everyone on the list tomorrow to get the final shake-out on attendance (and to inform of location too).

Originally Posted by KurtW View Post
It turns out that I'm free that day, so if there is room I would like to attend and bring some stuff. If not maybe another time.
What would you be bringing? Will your L3000 make it?
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Have fun guys! I'll be river rafting for my bday! whoohoo!

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I would for sure bring the L3000. I could also bring the Linn Ikemi (single ended and balanced outputs) and a few amps.
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As of today, my plan is to be there. I'll let you guys know if something comes up this week that makes that not possible.
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Something has come up with me I won't be able to make it. Hopefully, someone can get in to take my place.

Sorry for the late notice. Have fun!
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Two spots are now open, first come first served!
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Assuming the spots are still open and that you'll have me, I'd like to attend.
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what do people do at these things?

i live in san jose and im pretty sure i dont have anything to contribute so id waste space.
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We listen to music, listen to and test out some equipment not our own, compare equipment, etc...
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is it too late to rsvp? I just moved to palo alto and would love to come. I'd love to meet some fellow enthusiasts in the area. I have a misterx built ppa2 with steps and sennheiser hd580s.
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bad news: I should have known better than to trust a release schedule
As things stand there is a high probability that I will be stuck working tomorrow morning (at least). Truly sorry about this last minute defection, I hope that someone can take my place...
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