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you can try hole modded ksc75 foams.
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The KSC-75 foam pad is much smaller. I'm not sure if this would work. The PX100 foam is a little larger and less dense. You might be able to stretch it across the iGrado driver.
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i use hole modded ksc75 foams on my igrado. i much prefer them to hole modded igrado pads.

ksc75 pads are smaller, but you just stretch them a bit to fit over the driver.
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Thanks for the tips. I am looking for something of the quality like the RS1 pads. The feel a little bit like cellular rubber.
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Ear Pad Mod

I just purchased an igrado great headphones!!

Mine did not have any inside foam but it did have thin mesh screens over the outside of the driver housing.

I also tried a different mod on the earpads, cut a little more than a quarter, then reverse the pads when you install them, this realy opens things up and improves the sound stage.

Try it You'll like it!!!!
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Earpad Mod

I tried a different mod on the ear pad:

Cut a larger hole than a quarter and then when you reinstall the pads reverse them, this seems to open up the sound stage and focus the sound.
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The best mod you can perform on your iGrados is recabling them with silver plated copper wire. It tightens up the bass and balances the sound, bringing out the treble which is very subdued on the iGrados. Be careful when desoldering/soldering the wires on the drivers. Here are mines, with SPC wire and some bluetack on the rear of the drivers for additional bass control.

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what does those modded cables look like?
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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post
Get those iGrados modded up with some GS1000 drivers and some Valhalla cable.

Move on from there.
Is this really possible and how much would it cost?
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Originally Posted by battleaxe View Post
Is this really possible and how much would it cost?
Only for Duggeh in both regards.
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Oh so I guess that is a no :\
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Alright, figured I'd jump into the Grado sound nice and easy with the iGrado's. If I don't like them, I got a buddy who'll buy them from me for the same price. (I introduced him to hi-fi headphones, so he's game)

Was reading this thread, and then found another on here that said that newer iGrado's are not mod-able. Is this true? Something or other about the glue they use?

What's the deal?
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Originally Posted by valveman View Post
Well proof is in the pudding so I tried my pipe idea and it work perfectly.
No guess work as the holes in the pads will be perfect.
This is probably the best idea I've tried on here. Whole thing (including drum sander attachment and sand paper drums - I don't have a dremel) was about 10 bucks. Wish I would've tried this when I did all my KSC 75s.....

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Hello , sorry for bumping a 3 year old thread all the way up ..

but i need to ask something ..


I just got my iGrados (yes i'm pretty slow) ^_^ 


And i can see the insides of the headphone (metal thing labelled "Grado 32Ohm)  ,

so does this mean my igrados are defoamed already? 


And what are further improvements i can do to it ? Was considering the quarter mod , but dont know how to get around doing it T_T



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Ingyang i think your igrados are done with foam so on to the quarter mod: it's really easy all you need to do is take the pads off and place a nickel or quarter (whichever size you prefer) dead center in the pad (or as close as possible) then hold the coin down tight and use a sharp knife or x-acto knife to cut around it. Take it slow and make sure to make an even cut. Once your done just punch out the hole and replace the pads!

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