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igrado mods

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just got my igrados and im loving them!

I was curious about what kind of mods are out there for these babys....

I've heard of the quarter mod, just scared to do it (lack of experience)

any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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Worst case scenario the pads turn out ugly. Oh noes? Anyway, just try to keep a steady hand and don't let go of that quarter until you're done. There may be other, much better tips that I don't know of, though.
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Get those iGrados modded up with some GS1000 drivers and some Valhalla cable.

Move on from there.
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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post
Get those iGrados modded up with some GS1000 drivers and some Valhalla cable.

Move on from there.
yeez, i wish i have that kinda $$$.....
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When i get the time i really want to get some iGrado's just to woody them...
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If you mess up when quarter modding the foam you can buy replacements for $4 form TTVJ.

The best mod is to remove the foam inserts from the silver screen. This opens everything up and tames down the bass.

You have to go through the back way....

1. Use a push pin or thumbtack to pull out the little screw cover where the headband attaches to the driver case.

2. Use a small phllips screwdriver and remove each screw that holds the driver casing to the headband.

3. Take off the pad and carefully pop out the drivers....you'll see 4 small hook thingys that hold the driver cup together.

4. Remove the driver....you'll see the pads. Each pad is held on by a small bead of glue. Remove each pad carefully...if you find that the sound is too bright you can always replace the pad with a drop or two of glue.

5. Reassemble the driver and headband.

It think it took me 10-20 minutes. I really liked the results and have had no urge to replace the pads.
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I've put up doing that until now, and I still have the original pads, so...iGrados to the mod table!

I'll let you know if my iGrados thank you or not hehe
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im using hole modded ksc75 pads on my igrados along with the foam removal.
it really opens them up, great grado sound on the go.
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Pictures of the mod stages would be great if anyone is up to it. I just bought a pair of iGrados and find the mids and highs to be lacking. Lack of realism. They are however super comfortable. Lots of sensitivity to be used with my ipod.

I may do the mod but seeing mod pics may help me get my courage up :O)

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Hey BrookR1 thank you for taking the time to illustrate the mod.

It's what I thought but seeing the illustration verifies it.

Thanks again,
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No problem...it only took me 5 minutes to draw it. You probably guessed 3 minutes, but I was a little slow.
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how's the igrado's for comfort?
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The iGrados are super comfortable.
I have an idea for making the hole in the ear pads.
Get a small piece of pipe the diameter of a quarter and put a sharp edge on one end using a gringer or sander. Then use a block of wood on one end, place the pad on it and the pipe onto the pad were you want to put in the hole. You can either use a hammer to punch a hole through the pad or use a vise to give equal even pressure until the pad has a hole in it. This should give you perfect results. I've used this method for putting holes in sheet metal and it always works great.

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How are they compared to the SR-60?
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