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rsa tomahawk
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I had a pair that lasted about 8 of the buds just stopped putting out sound. I probably should have just brought them to a repair shop or something, but I went back to some other buds I had laying around for a while.

Just ordered a new pair of PK3s though, I miss them so much! Just wondering if there's anything, besides taking better care of them, that I can do make them a little more tough.
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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post
this makes me wonder if my pair are just that defective or not, i picked them up a few days ago, 50 hours of burn in or so and they dont sound at all special. I've got stock earbuds from an Insignia radio that crush these...

idk if thats just me and my set, but im very upset right now. They need to do a 180 turn in the next few days or im selling them.
These are fun. That's it . They have a very smiley face sound sig, and obviously to the more serious head-fiers and others who like neutral sound, these will be nothing special.
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Hi guys just got my pk3 today so far
Hope they last.Iam really pleased with them.They sound bigger and fuller than they should.
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Originally Posted by rocketron View Post
Hi guys just got my pk3 today so far
Hope they last.Iam really pleased with them.They sound bigger and fuller than they should.
Congrats, I just recently sold my pair and I still miss them.
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Does anyone know whether those on ebay are covered by warranty? I don't think they make fakes of these but w/o warranty would be bad.
What kind of warranty do they have anyways, I know it comes with some kind of warranty card, but I don't know chinese so I have no clue what it says.
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Just got myself a pair while I wait for JH16's to be made; for some reason the package took only 2 days to ship from NY to WA.  Must have gotten mixed up with the express mail or something.


In any case... damn.  For the price they really do sound pretty good; I'm sure the bass is overemphasized but to me it's still at a level where it's just coloring the music to its own tune, not bloating the basslines or anything.  Remarkably comfy, too... nothing like the earcrushers that my old, old sony earbuds were (I avoided earbuds thanks to them for a looooong time).  Either this thing's really that good or I'm very easy to impress, can't wait till I've properly broken them in.

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I just got a pair of these and OMG, they are amazing straight from the box. I cannot believe that the sound they produce comes from soemthing so small. The base is really nice and they are not muddy like my old sony buds in any way.

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Really? Am i missing something? I really dont find my PK3 that impressive. I must be just spoilt by canal-phone bass

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Originally Posted by nonsupremous View Post

Originally Posted by neco View Post
Finished my portable rig, time for PK1?
What kind of amp is that?

Wow! Nice rig you got here!

Here's mine....


Might plan to upgrade to Yuin PK-1 in the near future!!!

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Originally Posted by Marcos View Post

Really? Am i missing something? I really dont find my PK3 that impressive. I must be just spoilt by canal-phone bass

I think that how you perceive the PK3 depends on where you are coming from. I came from using Philips, Sony and Sennheiser MX360 earbuds and the PK3 is amazing compared to them. I am looking for other best bang for the buck choices and the new MX580 seems interesting as well as the older MX760 that you sometimes can find at a low price (but perhaps best to stay away from Ebay).


If you are coming from canal-phones, I can imagine that the bass that PK3 produces is not very impressive. But among the earbuds available it has until now been the best bang for the buck (now the Sennheiser MX580 is a contender).

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the left ear of my PK3 died not long ago :( Anyone in UK knows how to recable? 

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I lost my OK3's last week and decided to order my 3rd (4th if you count repair) pair of PK3's. All my previous i have lost one side and then discarded them. I thought i'd gave them a chance because it's been a while and figure they must have fixed the manufacturing problem by now.


I did find my OK3's a day after the PK3's shipped. No big deal, i can use a back up pair and compare the two as well.


I got them today and opened the box and i'm immediately worried:





OK3 on top, PK3 on bottom.


The plug is the same one i had problems with on my previous PK3's and they're still using the same cable. I am very happy that i found my year old OK3's now because i don't expect the PK3's to last more than 4 months like my other pairs.


My suggestion for anyone looking at a pair of PK3's - spend the extra $20 for a pair of OK3's that will last longer than a season.

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You write that the PK3 plug is on the bottom and the OK3 on the top in the picture. My PK3 plug looks exactly like the one on the top in the picture. I have owned them for over 1 year and no problem yet (knock on wood). I bought a pair to my wife and she has had no problem yet.


Does Yuin perhaps use different plugs for the same series of earbuds? Where did you buy your PK3? I got my 2 pairs from sellers on Ebay.

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There's something magical in the PK3 sound that I can't find in any other headphone. For example, listening to Robert Miles' Children, PK3 somehow sounded more immersive and musical to my ears than headphones costing 20X as much. There's just something about the sound - the sound signature I guess - that really pulls me in. I think it's the upper mids/lower treble - they are not very detailed, but they have this really pleasing sparkle and a very unique coloration that seems to suit dreamy trance/electronic music like that of Robert Miles especially well.

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