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I have the honor to start the feedback thread for Clony.
He bought my Grado SR80, and I agreed to ship out the headphones before payment went through. It seems like I had nothing to fear, because a few days later he transfered my asking price (plus $10 for the "trouble"). Thanks!

Finn, hope you enjoy your new Grado headphones!
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i bought Finn's k1000. they were in the same condition as posted in the FS forum...the decision to sell on his part was a tough one (given the headphones, would you blame him?) and there was a lot of PM dialogue...but once we decided on things the transaction went smoothly and my box arrived nicely packed. thanks, Finn!
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I sold Finn a Joe Grado cable. Unfortunately customs/shipping took much longer than we anticipated but he was always very friendly in our communications and very patient as well. I highly recommend Finn to everyone!

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finn bought my hf-1. again, it was an easy transaction. contacted me when he received it, left prompt feedback...what more can you ask for? highly recommended head-fier!
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Just finished a complex transaction with my new Norwegian friend and he was awesome to deal with. The transaction required a little trust on both our parts and I am thrilled with the outcome
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I sold my vintage Grado RS-1's to Clony. He actually paid more than my initial asking price and also covered shipping/paypal costs. Communication was excellent and friendly and he paid immediately. Would like to do business with him again.
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Thanks, Clony, for the headphones! He is a trustworthy head-fier: the headphones were exactly as described, and they were very well packed. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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Bought a pair of Grado GS1000 and the RA1 from Clony. It was packed real well, and shipped quickly. The
communication was great throughout the transaction and the items were in great condition. I would sure do business with him again. Thanks Finn!
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Bought an HPA-1 from Finn,well packed and quicky shipped.Would buy again
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Finn bought my Poiema!!! Signature cable for his newly acquired Stax Omega II system.
Everything smooth, as always with this friendly fellow Norwegian. Great communication, instant payment, and all...

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