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ugh, i want a pair, but it comes out to $30 with shipping from bluetin.

anyone want to part with a brown pair?

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Anybody else get these? There are 3 new colors on ebay for $35.00 each:

audio-technica ATH-ON3 GR portable headphone LIMITED - eBay (item 110227429603 end time Mar-25-08 00:32:15 PDT)

audio-technica ATH-ON3 RD portable headphone LIMITED - eBay (item 300201681012 end time Mar-25-08 00:30:33 PDT)

audio-technica ATH-ON3 TBL portable headphone LIMITED - eBay (item 110227429319 end time Mar-25-08 00:27:02 PDT)
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hey everyone
just got pare of those for my player and im very pleased with the performance.The only problem i have is,how should i care them if they not on my head/neck (backpack or something) ?? On every site i visited they write : In addition, each model swivels for maximum portability and fold-flat storage.What does it exactly mean...Picture of them folded in some way for carrying around would help alot.
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It is in the first post:
Flat (front) vs. Not-flat (back)

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I scored a set of these in Hong Kong... very nice looking! Very wide soundstage, light but punchy bass, recessed highs but very nice and detailed mids.

I find they're a bit hard to stay on my ears though, i wish the pads were a bit fluffier... they're rather hard (not as cooshy as they look...)

Overall, for $20US, these headphones are pretty damn cool! In terms of sound quality, they're about a little worse than my Westone UM1, but with better soundstaging.

Nice for rock! Crap for orchestral stuff :P

- Jam
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Thread necromancy to share something I found today in a shop at the subway station. Bought it out of curiosity for 6 euro (7 dollars) but it sounds tires screeching :)








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Gota love the ATs.

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its 2014, late to the party, been given one...like the spacious sound, attractive mids...bass is enuf for jazz vocals. ( off my MacAir with Audirvana, lossless )

Cant hack classicals...but of cos........ for TEN BUCKS on amazon now, i juz checked.





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