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FS: Technics SP-10 MKII w/SME 3009 II with extra headshell.

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I am selling my SP-10 MKII Technics TT with Obsidian base with SME 3009 Series II arm with detachable black headshell and remote switch.

The TT is working 100% and cosmetically is quite good...occasional marks here and there. Nothing to detract from its looks.

The Obsidian plinth is in great shape with no defects that I can see. It has the excellent Technics large rubber feet.
The Cover has some hazing which I read on VinylEngine is not so hard to remove.

Asking 1400.00 plus shipping

Its heavy though!!! and requires a large box for proper shipping.

Buyer pays shipping from 31535.

Ps: I will add some extra pics later. I also have a SP-10 MKII that doesnt keep speed that well (the issue is with the PS) that I can include for 50.00 plus shipping.

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Still here folks.....:-)

More pics

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