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MS-1 Arrival!

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Hello Head-Fi,

First of all, thank you to everyone who helped me with suggestions. And thanks to everyone who ever made a post with information/reviews, everything I read was helpful, once you get used to the terminology used.

After about 5 weeks of reading, I came to the MS-1 and just received mine yesterday (got to Canada really quick, either shipped on 4/27 or 4/30 and arrived on May 3) as an early birthday gift. Most likely because the wife wanted to shut me up about headphones Little does she know it's only just beginning!

These are my first set of good cans, and so far I'm loving them. Everything is so crystal clear compared to anything I've had in the past. I already have 414 pads on the way, these things make my ears ache after a while. I have some KSC75's (from Ebay, I hope they're real!) on the way and PX100 I got off the FS forums. Those will be my work / portable phones when they arrive. Now I need to figure out how get these things going with Guitar Hero! My amp is old and not working properly.

So, thanks again everyone with all the wonderful advice thats available on this forum.

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w00t! grats on the MS1's! I been dieing to get my self a set!

As for Guitar Hero, hook the audio out from the video game to a home receiver and use its headphone jack. Or build yourself a little amp
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Thanks! I'm glad to have re-entered the world of fine audio Been gone to long! So long my old receiver doesn't work properly. I was able to get inputs working, but can't get any outputs working properly. Going to give it a good cleaning this weekend and hope it's just dust from being neglected for so long. At least I can listen to CD's with it still. Now I begin my hunt for a record player.

I'd LOVE to learn how to build amps, I just really suck at soldering. Practice makes perfect though. I already started a bit of reading on DIY portable amps.

My day is flying by with the music now, anything that makes the work day go faster is worth the money!
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Congrats, the MS1 is a great headphone. Go forward with the soldering practice and DIY, you'll be building stuff in no time, it's very easy to get into and lots of fun.
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congrat to you, but I expect you will upgrade your phone quite soon
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Next stop.......MS-Pro Enjoy.
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Yup; please be careful. These things CAN be addictive.
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+1 to Team MS-1
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Congrats! Let the MS-1 be your first and last hi-fi headphone

They'll improve quite nicely over time, and a modest headphone amp will also improve their sound. I recommend re-listening to your music collection with them... don't worry about pad-switching, burn-in, amps, etc. for now. Also, you can bend the headband out if you find they clamp too tightly. Watch the volume, as these cans are addictive... sometimes, more is not better.
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My pair of MS-1s just arrived today, but unfortunately mine are also a birthday gift (from my parents). So I need to wait until the 17th to open the package. I was amazed by how quickly they got here ... ordered them on Monday, delivered on Friday. And so now I have to wait it out.... damn you Alessandro! Your shiny unopened headphones taunt me so!!
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Just make sure you've visited the famous MS-1 appreciation thread
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congratulations to all new proud owners of the ms-1! hay.. mine has not arrived yet after 15 business days of waiting after they shipped.. but i'm sure good things come to those who wait.
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Grados for Marilyn Manson, Bon Jovi and AC/DC listeners, Alessandros for the rest of the world. Welcome to the team and enjoy.

Originally Posted by krohn
I'd LOVE to learn how to build amps, I just really suck at soldering. Practice makes perfect though. I already started a bit of reading on DIY portable amps.
The Grado RA1 amp is very simply and is said to provide overwhelming synergy with Grados and Alessandros.
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Thanks everyone! I know EXACTLY what you mean about watching the volume. I'm not a loud listener, as I've had problems with my ears as a child and just recently had surgery again. For the first time in my life, I want to turn my headphones up. It sounds so amazing at any level, but I just want MORE Is it common to just want to turn these things WAY up? I don't do it, but I want to!

Thanks for the suggestion of the RA1 nickchen, I'll definitely check it out. I'm sure a few more weeks of reading is just what's needed

A big shock was when I picked up the box, it weighed nothing. These are so light, and I don't find the clamping to be a problem. Just my ears aren't used to being squished against my head.

I've already started re-listening to my music, but only just started. I managed to get a CD player working with my old receiver, and they sound way better out of that compared to my Zen Touch. Figure my Zen is just to old (2004)...but it's not a huge deal....yet (New source, new amp...the list is growing!)

Thanks Head-fi
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