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are there a huge difference between AD900 and A900?
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Originally Posted by paulw86 View Post
are there a huge difference between AD900 and A900?
Yes, you'll find more differences than similarities.
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These phones are indeed two different things altogether. While I can't compare the ATH-AD900 to the regular ATH-A900, I can compare them to the ATH-A900Ti. They are miles apart. The mids on the AD900 are clearly more pronounced than on the A900Ti. The bass impact and definition on the A900Ti is tons better than on the AD900. Also, I'm liking the (relatively) recessed mids of the A900Ti better and better than the coloured mids of the AD900. The AD900 sounds better with more natural music, meaning music with natural instruments and with lots of vocals (like Radiohead). The A900Ti, on the other hand, is a champ when it comes to electronic music. I'm listening to Lindstrøm and Trentemøller right now, and it all sounds absolutely fabulous. You have to keep in mind, though, that neither is really better than the other. They're just very different.
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sorry guys, i am reviving an old thread. as i just recently bought an AD900 and would like some feedback and thoughts. 


i already have a pair of AD700, and as you can probably guess, is why i bought another AD900. don't get me wrong the AD700 is great, and i love it very much, and with a few db of bump on the 30/60hz frequency, the cans are perfect. but i told myself i wanted a pair of headphone like the AD700 but with more complete low end response without having to bump the eq up a few db. 


so i just got the AD900 in the mail today. right out of the box, so far, like the review said, it sounds VERY shrill, and siblian, and A LOT of treble. the Bass so far sounds about the same as the AD700. but i am running the canns through a burn-in program found on this site: http://www.jlabaudio.com/burn.php


i am hoping that it'll bring out the bass and even out the shrillness on the high end. because if not, i really am going to return this headphone and get my money back. 


i guess i am asking is... will burn-in really warm up the phones? and if so, how much. 


looking at the frequency response curve data on both phones, it's obvious that the AD900 is about 10db higher on the 30hz and 5db higher on the 60hz. with that said i like the sound of AD700 when i bump the eq up 10db for 30hz, and 5db for 60hz, and like it a lot. i was really hoping that the actual AD900 will sound like it, but so far right out of the box it hasn't blown me away yet. 


someone convince me not to return it. confused_face.gif

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bump... anybody?i know it's an old thread but please shed some inputs... any inputs. 

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