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Hi Jimmy, I meant physically smaller. You have a point the NM24 is a very smooth sounding DAC w/ lots of flexibility. Perhaps I should rethink my idea and instead get an Eddie Current amp. But I have to sell something, I have too much stuff and no place to put it (I live in a small apartment).
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can someone explain the difference between the Line-Out and the two Analog Outs on this DAC, the chart on their website isn't doing anything for me.

also someone sell me their nm24
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The NM24 has two analog outs which correspond to the Tubed DAC and the other pair to the SS DAC. In addition there is a line stage using the Tubed DAC (although via jumpers and a switch you could toggle the two dacs) to feed say a power amp or a pair of power speakers. So in a nutshell it is three things in one box:

1. Tube DAC
3. Line Stage
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Bump to a old thread.

I tried a pair of Electro-Harmonix 6922 and I was very surprised. It just sounds accurate and it is very addictive. YMMV as I may just be experiencing some synergy. In any event it is a nice change of pace from the JJs and the Phillips family. They are pretty cheap ($13.00 from the TubeDepot) so they are definitely a no brainer to try.

I've got some Tesla 7DJ8s on the way to test out too.

I still have yet to find a set of tubes that I did not like to some extent in this DAC. This is just a piece of gear I don't think I will ever sell.

The linestage armed with a quiet pair of JAN phillips 6dj8s compares favorably to my Wyred4Sound pre. Now, If it only had a remote and a stepped attenuator instead of the ALPS potentiometer...
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Funny you mention stepped attenuators. I have a couple of amps with them and I prefer a regular pot since the jumps of an stepper can be a bit much. Do love my NM24!
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With the NM24, are you able to put two sets of different tubes (one pair for the dac and the other for the linestage)? I have a pair of Valvo's and Philips SQ. Any thoughts?

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