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Hi Jimmy, I meant physically smaller. You have a point the NM24 is a very smooth sounding DAC w/ lots of flexibility. Perhaps I should rethink my idea and instead get an Eddie Current amp. But I have to sell something, I have too much stuff and no place to put it (I live in a small apartment).
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can someone explain the difference between the Line-Out and the two Analog Outs on this DAC, the chart on their website isn't doing anything for me.

also someone sell me their nm24
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The NM24 has two analog outs which correspond to the Tubed DAC and the other pair to the SS DAC. In addition there is a line stage using the Tubed DAC (although via jumpers and a switch you could toggle the two dacs) to feed say a power amp or a pair of power speakers. So in a nutshell it is three things in one box:

1. Tube DAC
3. Line Stage
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Bump to a old thread.

I tried a pair of Electro-Harmonix 6922 and I was very surprised. It just sounds accurate and it is very addictive. YMMV as I may just be experiencing some synergy. In any event it is a nice change of pace from the JJs and the Phillips family. They are pretty cheap ($13.00 from the TubeDepot) so they are definitely a no brainer to try.

I've got some Tesla 7DJ8s on the way to test out too.

I still have yet to find a set of tubes that I did not like to some extent in this DAC. This is just a piece of gear I don't think I will ever sell.

The linestage armed with a quiet pair of JAN phillips 6dj8s compares favorably to my Wyred4Sound pre. Now, If it only had a remote and a stepped attenuator instead of the ALPS potentiometer...
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Funny you mention stepped attenuators. I have a couple of amps with them and I prefer a regular pot since the jumps of an stepper can be a bit much. Do love my NM24!
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With the NM24, are you able to put two sets of different tubes (one pair for the dac and the other for the linestage)? I have a pair of Valvo's and Philips SQ. Any thoughts?

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Ok , this is a long break in a thread. But I just got mine and it is the best money I've spent in the headphone arena. I have not hooked it up to my stereo system because of logistics, but I'm looking around to make it work.
It truly is 2 separate dacs sound wise. Ss is very relaxed and musical and the tube stage is very holographic and clean. Both are awesome.'
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Adding to this. I've rolled in a pair of 74 reflektors. This dac is extremely sensitive to the sound of tubes. I didn't realize how warm the Sylvania tubes were until I replaced them. Everything about the reflektors is amplified in the nm24. Even more so than with the lyr. I've given the 74s 3 days and I've get to regain the musicality of the Sylvania tubes. So the search continues. Up next, 66 Philips miniwatts.
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are you saying the reflektors are not musical with the nm24? how would you describe the SQ?
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They are getting better, but still cold and clinical in comparison. Every part of the audio spectrum is enhanced. But....no ease of presentation. I'm going to try a few others including the 75 reflektors which I greatly prefer over the 74s. My 74s are nos my 75s are b-stock at best but sound more relaxed . I hope to keep the detail of the 74s but get more enjoyment from my listening experience. I'm keeping the 74s in there for a little while longer but I expect my minds made up that the sound is to cold despite the nice bass.
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Originally Posted by lukeap69 View Post

are you saying the reflektors are not musical with the nm24? how would you describe the SQ?
Note I was using the 1974 reflektors not the 75 of rbHG fame. Those are my favorite tubes for the lyr. The 74 is brighter and less musical to My ears.
I couldn't stand it any longer. I put in philips miniwatts. The musicality is back , kept detail but the soundstage is smaller. I'll try this for a few hours/ days and try the Dario miniwatts or try the 75 HGs. This is nice for now.
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Thanks. Have you tried any Amperex Orange Globe or Bugle Boys?
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I have some en route. The only amperex I have had were some 7308s they were way to raw sounding for this dac. Sharp highs and strange microphonics. They are in the bin now. The bin I don't use. Hoping the bugle boys are better but I don't plan on using them in the dac. Lyr only. I'm getting there with this unit. Up next will be the Dario's e188cc miniwatts. Could just stick the 75 HGs in but I want those for the lyr. I had to try done heerlen tubes cuz I really enjoy them
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After 3 days with the miniwatts I put in the 75 reflektors. This is exactly what I was looking for. I loved the musicality of the Philips but ultimately they lacked the dynamics in the nm24. Strange as that was their strength in the lyr. The details were there but too soft. This softness while pretty, detracted from texture and dynamics. The reflektors give a very nice bass. A little tighter than others. Top notch details, which gives the dynamics and textures more bite while still maintaining a sweet musicality. I may try some e188cc from heerlen, but, if it ain't broke...
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The reflektors went south sadly. I've replaced them with surenes Dario miniwatts. A more delicate sound ensued . Just as musical but in a different way. Not quite as full bodied as the HGs..noticeable with he560 but actually works very nicely with zmf omni. It is a very full sounding hp that doesn't need the extra weight in the sound that the hifiman benefits from
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