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Spider-Man 3 anyone watch it yet?

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I am planning to watch it this Friday, just want to ask, by any chance, anyone already watched it?

I think the movie actually came out already, how do you guys feel about the movie?

It receive a 7.1 out of 10 on the rotten tomato, so I guess is pretty good. From the reviews, seem like the storyline in this movie is really compacted.
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the reviews have been mixed. general consenus is good but not great movie. i plan to see it this weekend.
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Saw the movie yesterday. I liked it less than the first two, but there is significantly more action.

- There is more comedy in this third movie, but it didn't really seem to fit very well. The tone shifts quite rapidly from scene to scene (esp. in the middle act), and sometimes, you're not quite sure whether it is meant as comedy or not.
- There is lots of action and more villains. But neither Sandman, Venom or New Goblin are developed as well as Dr Octopus. None play a significant role and the set pieces aren't really developed from the plot - they just happen. And while there are more action scenes, none are as engaging as the train-going-out-of-control-scene in Spider-Man 2.
- What's with giving Kirsten Dunst THREE scenes where she sings???
- Tobey Maguire looks significantly older and more puffy in this movie and I didn't really like his Peter Parker this time around. He's abit too grating.
- I did like Venom. I thought he was cool and they really should have given him more screen time.

The film tries to please general audiences and comic geeks, and it probably manages neither. Over here, the film going public don't really know the comic or the characters well (it is not part of the pop culture), and one of the major complaints levelled against the earlier movies was too much drama and not enough action. No one is going to give a damn about the appearance of Gwen Stacey here, either.
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No. (Doing my Biden)
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Thank You jubei, considering the first two movies did you like 1st or second better?
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I thought the first was closer in spirit to the comic but liked Dr Octopus more as a screen villain. It is a close call anyway.
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I personally liked the second one a LOT better, the effects and camera work were considerably more advanced, and Doc Oc in the movie was infinitely cooler than the Green Goblin.
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i will watch it this weekend. i was hoping that they would develop venom's character as well as doc oc's in the 2nd movie, but this seems to not be the case. a shame, because venom's character is very complex in the comics.
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I hope to see the film this weekend as well. We have a way of getting tips at the coffee shop I work with and we have two tip cups. This week one was labeled Spiderman and the other Venom. So far Spidey is giving me more money to see him than Venom.
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hehe cotdt, I might see you at the movie theater XD

(hope there won't be any drunken bas@@@ at the movie, it happened when I went to watch 300)
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Saw the movie today. I agree with Jubei for the most part, but being an action junkie, I did enjoy the many action sequences. Some of them were really well choreographed/executed.

There were attempts at characterisation, but having time split between 3 villains meant they weren't (couldn't be) as well developed as in 2. Can't have the best of both worlds, I guess, unless you're talking about the LOTR trilogy by Peter Jackson, which took three 3-hour++ films.

Also, I thought Toby Maguire put in a credible performance, switching between wide-eyed earnestness and the darker venom-consumed spidey pretty convincingly. He looked tired and haggard for a good part of the movie, but that's probably because he had to face 3 villains and a troubled relationship all at the same time.
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I'm sorry but I found the movie to be absolutely dreadful, everything present in the first two movies was in this one, but exaggerated ten times over, shame too I was hoping the trilogy would end on a high note. The recipe and ingredients were there, the cook just left it in the oven too long. after seeing this I can understand why Mr. Maguire was so opposed to doing a fourth
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i saw it tonight. it was so so. a lot of very good scenes, mosty the action sequences, intertwined with bad melodrama and abrupt changes in character personality. the comedy was done very poorly, was completely unnecessary as there was too much of it, and surely distracted from the film. the female leads, mj and gwen, had little to do except to play the damsel in distress or look pretty (bryce dallas howard btw looked amazing in this movie; she's pretty hot). dunst played her role as best she could. i thought toby did a really good job but the things they made him do - all that dancing and strutting - were just stupid. otherwise i really liked him. franco was better in the beginning and then kind of lost his way playing the hamlet bit toward the end. the villans were both excellent, especially hayden church as flint marco/sandman. his scenes were some of the best in the movie, especially his tranformation which was a show stopper. one thing the movie did well was to conclude all the plots and story lines nicely. the ending was quite good. overall the movie, while still enjoyable and competent, just lacked whatever it was that made the first two smashing successes.
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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post
bryce dallas howard btw looked amazing in this movie; she's pretty hot
This is the first movie I've seen with her in it and yeah, she looks good in Spider-Man 3. I read somewhere she was pregnant during production.
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Bad acting, worst character development I've seen in a while, over-meldodramatic scenes accompanied by some really cheesy lines, but still highly enjoyable due to the action scenes and the badass Peter Parker in the middle part. The two mainc characters were ok, so that's good. A lot of unwanted comedic scenes (e.g. the one with the American flag near the end - that was just too funny).
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