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Good guy, prompt paypent, honest questions, very prompt feedback upon receipt, an all-round good head-fier

Enjoy the amp
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Sold him a set of PX200s, and he promptly paid with no issues whatsoever. A pleasure to do business with.
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I bought ueyteuor's Sony NW-HD5. Good communicator and prompt shipping. On receipt I informed him it was missing its USB and power cover. He offered to help me get it fully back up to spec. Thanks, ueyteuor. A good honourable Head-Fi-er.
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Sold him a pair of AKG 240 Sextetts. Communiction was prompt and courteous, and he paid almost immediately after the deal was agreed upon. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again; enjoy the AKG's
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Bought some dt770s from him. Great communication and fast shipping. Great guy to deal with. Thanks!
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sold my ec/ss. everything was very smooth. will do business with again and highly recommended.
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I bought a headband for a K240 Sextett from him. It was in perfect condition and shipped to me immediately. Too Extreme Thanks!
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Sold him my stax system. Very good communication and prompt payment. All in all, a great person to deal with. Glad you enjoy them, give them a bit, the sound grows on you.
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bought his ec/ss. Communication was good and smooth. Great guy to work with. thanks for the killer amp!
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Good communication, he answered my questions and provided pics quite rapidly.

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Bought a headphone stand from ueyteuor, communication was excellent, and very fast shipping! Thanks again!
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I bought an M-Audio sound card from ueyteuor and he never shipped the breakout cables with it. He has the cables, and has not shipped them. He is no longer responding to my messages after stating that he'll ship the cable if "he gets around to it." The card is useless to me without the cables.

Buyer beware?
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Bought grado sticker... no problems everything was great.
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Bought a Silver Dragon Cable and a vinyl sticker from him.
Super-fast replies, fast shipping from US to EU.

Thank you!
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Bought a pair of nicely updated Sextett's from ueyteuor.
Communications were clear and couteous.
Packaging was careful
Phones arrived on schedule.
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