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Yep, the standard yellow box Feather.

Definitely sharp. As I say I thought they were fine for a couple of years but now I think they may be a bit too thin on the edge. I have the same thing with straights - I prefer a heavy blade that is sharp, but not too sharp.
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I never found the Feather's to be as spectacular as advertised. For me the best blades have been the Gillette 7 O'clock Blacks or the SuperMax Super Platinums which are sharp smooth and last the longest. The SuperMax's are much cheaper too if you can find them.

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Electric since day one.

With the exception of one Philips try, it has always been a Braun.


Right now I am on a Braun 8990. Cleaning cartridges are being re-filled with denatured alcohol (minus color and perfume Braun adds).

Change blades and foil every 12 months. No razor-burn, rash, no immediate need for lotions and such after a shave.


I get rashes and can't stand the scratching, even a good blade gives me. I have thick hair & plenty of it.

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Got a New razor in the post yesterday.

Brilliant little shaver.
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