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im a man and shave dry skin
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I dry shave with a rusty butter knife.
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I don't really have much facial hair, just stubble and I am almost 20 ... I put an electric razer to my face once...it was funny.
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I use an electric shaver. It's a hell of a lot easier for me.

As for toothpaste, the stripey Aquafresh stuff
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I use a Gillette Mach 3 and I also have an electric shaver. The Mach 3 is so much better.
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Almost 17, still can't shave yet
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I usually use a cheap 30€ philips electric.
Sometimes I use the trimmer on the electric to get everything down to a shorter stubble and then use gillette or nivea shaving gel and a Mach 3.

I'm really tired of spending money on the mach3 blades though so lately I've been eyeing one of the old-school double edge Merkur razors, I'll probably get one eventually.
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Use to use Musgo Real from Portugal - the best shave cream I ever tried. Last few years have switched to natural products, but that Musgo was fantastic!
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The Electric I tried was miserable and largely useless, so I went back to Blade Razors. I'm currently experimenting with a Mach 3 but will probably just go back to my Generic Meijer-brand 3-Blade (refills are like a tenth of the cost of Gillette's).
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Duggeh - Colgate Total here. Its abrasion factor is almost as low as straight baking soda so it is very gentle on enamel. Tastes good too. I'm sick of wimpy mint - gimme the strong stuff!
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I am an incredibly lazy shaver. I shave probably every 10-14 days on average, but I made a point to shave the day before the Sharks' first playoff game and it's been growing since. It grows decently everywhere but the front, where it matters most. Oh well, not like I really care.
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gillette mach3, right after a nice shower while your hairs softened, and your pours are opened up, no shaving cream, but i use the neutragena face gel after, helps keep the skin soft, which the fiance likes
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I use a Gillette Fusion (5 blade), and generic gel shaving cream. I used to blade every day, but now, I use my old Braun electric for most days. It's nowhere as good as a blade, but this way, I don't go through expensive blades all the time.
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I switched from the Mach 3 Turbo Champion to the shick quadro, back to the Mach 3 Turbo Champion. 4 blades sucked. I may be 17, but, my facial hair is thick as hell! the blades always got clogged, it pulled the hair out, and hurt like a bitch. I can't imagine using 5 blades...

I forgot what cream I use...
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Originally Posted by AuroraProject View Post
I dry shave with a rusty butter knife.
I shave by blowing my own breath back at my face.
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