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For a close shave, go with grain, then against the grain. It is surprisingly effective, imo.
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So where would you guys recommend I pick up a kit for this sort of thing? Or just get it all separately (but still, where?)
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first i would get a cheap disposable straight razor and a pack of 5 blades, to see if it agrees with your skin, if you dont die from bloodloss, then you can think about a quality straight razor,

as for direction of shave,

first i shave downwards (with the grain), then i shave upwards, (against the grain), then i shave the neck outwards as for some reason the grain there is perpendicular to the rest of the face, then shave backwards the points behind the jaw, make sure my side lines are even, and then the coldest water i can get from the tap to constrict the blood vessels, this stops bleedings,
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I haven't read any of the replys....but I use Gillette Mach 3 Power...mostly right after I shower, and I don't use any cream/gel.
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brave soul, if i dont use a specific nivea oil control gel, i get turkey neck
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Bic razor (sensitive), no gel/foam/aftershave.
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bought a schik classic straight DE razor, well, wilkinson here in spain,
now i have to select a good blade,
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Anyone else here have Gillette Mach 3 Power?
Is there ANY difference between the Mach 3 Cartridges? (Mach 3, Turbo, Power, Nitro)

I can save quite a bit if I just get normal Mach 3 Cartridges.
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you guys must be leather necks from reading some of the replies, i am mighty sensitive under there, and am genetically predisposed to being forced to use electric shave under there rather than blades for fear of the machete chic look.

but i do use a cut-throat razor to keep my sideburns neat! - i am 'normal' sensitivity there.
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bought a wilkinson classic DE razor, it was only 2,75 euros with 5 razors, for less then a pack of cigs, who can go wrong....
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Originally Posted by Aevum View Post
bought a wilkinson classic DE razor, it was only 2,75 euros with 5 razors, for less then a pack of cigs, who can go wrong....
The guys that opt for the cigs?
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Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic View Post
Am I the only one who thought gents. was short for 'genitals'?
Yeah, I was a bit creeped out.
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hey, give me a break, i went from 2 packs a day (camel filters) to cold turkey in march and im still smoke free, just made 6 months since i smoked my last cig,

and i have 2 s.t.duponts and 3 zippos,

as for the the mach3 guy, the power cartriges are normal Mach3 cartriges, but the turbo ones i think have a different lubricant strip or coating,

the only differance between the powered and the unpowered is a small rotation engine with a small asymetric lead weight on it, kind of like cellphone vibration unit if anyone ever saw one,
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My safety razor is an old Gillette with markings Z 3, which means it was made in Q3 of 1954 . Best 16 bits my father ever spent.
Here's where I found that information:
Internet Museum of Safety Razors
Date and Feature Guide for Gillette Razors and Blades

Here's two previous shaving threads.
Moore's Law for Razor Blades?
Shaving-fi. Advice needed

Originally Posted by mdjenders View Post
Shaving sucks balls. When I shave every day (with an electric), I get all sorts of bumps and bleeding spots. Unfortunately, I can't grow a decent full beard, so I am forced to shave once a week to avoid looking totally foolish. I refuse to shave any more than that.
I can't use an electric every day either. More like every 2-3 days. Although, most faces tend to get used to regular shaving and don't get bumps and bruises after a while.

One thing you can try is to try both the rotary and the straight kind. Some people prefer one over the other. The straight kind hurts me bad. Other are just the opposite.

Originally Posted by Bigburger View Post
What I want to know is: considering there is these electric shavers around where you don't need any shaving cream or aftershave and you don't even need water, there is no risk of cutting yourself or anything...WHY in the world do people use a razor with a blade and shaving cream and all that? Surely it is more cumbersome and takes longer than a quick going-over with an electric??
If you don't shave every day or two, an electric can be harsh. I don't shave all that regularly, so I use a blade when I either want a really close shave or if it's been more than two days. Otherwise, the electric's fine.

Originally Posted by Barock View Post
Bic razor (sensitive), no gel/foam/aftershave.
Don't look at a bic under 10X magnification. And definitely don't compare it to something even half decent, like Wilkinson. Even the Wilkinson has a few little burrs, but comparing the two, the bic is more like boulders.
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Originally Posted by Barock View Post
Bic razor (sensitive), no gel/foam/aftershave.
Woah! You can't have much of a bear growth...
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