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Originally Posted by Pars View Post
For home etching, you would want as many of the traces on the bottom layer as possible. Without having plated thru holes, it is difficult to impossible to solder some things, like electrolytic capacitors, the pot, etc. from the top side. Anything that will not fit on the bottom layer will need special attention for solderability (vias to bottom pads, which can be filled in with a resistor lead soldered to both sides, etc.). If your intent was to have the board made professionally, then you don't need to worry about that.

Cheers Chris, yea i'm home etching and as usual not thinking things through
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There is a way to 'cheat' the lack of via's for electrolytics etc. Simply drill a second hole next to the via and solder a clipped resistor lead to the trace with a piece extending down next to the lead that you need to solder to the top trace. I do this for caps, connectors etc, where access to the trace is obscured by the component being soldered. You also need to be aware of vias which connect both planes. This allows you to solder the 2 leads together underneath the board and keep the overall build neat. It took me the longest time to come to this solution but works reliably. As Pars mentioned, try and keep the top traces and vias to a minimum. If I were to etch this, I would swap the planes around and add a ground plane to the top instead of the ground traces. ..dB
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Yes, I agree with dBel84. If I were doing this (and I have done a dual layer A47), I would use a top ground plane, and run all traces other that those impossible to route on the bottom. Try not to chop the ground plane up with any top traces. If your going to use ExpressPCBs proto service theen you don't need to worry about the vias, etc.
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layers swapped with ground plane

here's the board file for printing, I was unable to load the sch file but it should be recognised by the original if you rename it..dB
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Looks good. The only change I would make would be for the trace from pin 5 on the opamp to the input cap. Give it more clearance around the via.
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thread jack anyone? sorry, but there is a General EAGLE help thread.
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LOL, it needs all the help it can get. Good work on the layout BTW, should make for a neat/compact amp..dB
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It was tweaking your layout...
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Sorry DB & Pars, my bad..

I was at my uncles this weekend and didnt have the EAGLE program there to check out the GND Plane BRD file.
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Originally Posted by evo_lution View Post
I'm having some problems printing out the schematics in Eagle.
Just want the top layer to print & then separately print the bottom(GND plane) layer.
Tried turning off the layers but no joy.
Any ideas?
In eagle's board view, you can individually select what layers to show. You can have it only show top only or bottom only. View menu, Display/Hide Layers
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POOP...I lost my cached Digi-Key order page Now I need to remember what all I had in my pre-order.
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If you have an account/login setup, you can go into MyDigikey and look at Web Order history. Might still be there, as it caches all order activity, including orders that weren't placed. Committed is the word they use (IIRC) for orders that are actually "ordered".
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at that time, I didn't have a Digi-Key login/account, but now I do. I knew most of my stuff by memory, others I was lucky that Firefox remembers/auto fills search boxes! All is good again.
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It was tweaking your layout.
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Hey Joshatdot... What's the current status of your CMoy PCB project?
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