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Carpet Cleaner

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I'm looking for a little help guys and girls. I have carpet in my bedroom. So I was looking at renting a carpet cleaner or something to that effect to get it cleaned, as it's probably due. And then I started thinking that it may be nice to own a carpet cleaner so I could clean up whenver I want. So I was wondering if anyone had one that they could give an opinion on. Because frankly I havent the slightest idea what one would look for in a purchase like this, so anything anyone could tell me would be greatly appreciated.
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Although I no longer own one, off the top of my head I would look for feedback/ratings on:
1- how well it can clean tough dirt/stains
2- how long does the carpet take to dry afterwards
3- how convenient is the unit to use, clean, pack-up & store
If these are not highly rated you will likely get little use from it in the long run, leaving it banished to the back of the storage closet unused most of the time. In which case it may be more practical to rent one occaisionally or pay to have someone come in and clean them professionally . . . . which often yields noticibly better results.

After all that, if you still are interested in a purchase, I'd of course look next into features, durability, and cost isues.
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You can buy a Bissell steam cleaner for under $175, however remember that you will have to store that sucker. Also the lower priced units do not heat the water so you use only the hot water that came out of the tap.

So if you are going to steam clean your carpet once a year renting is a better option IMO.
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If it is just spots, "RESOLVE" reeeally works great!

Darling Daughter, Mom got her ready fro Church, then jumped in the shower for a few minutes - came out to find the daughter (In Her Easter Finery - age 2 1/2 or 3 - had gone into the refrigerator, got out the hawaiian Punch Concentrate, opened it up in the middle of the Living room on our Cream White Belgian Pile carpet, and proceeded to pour it out on the furniture, the floor, and track it into the kitchen, the hallway, and all the way to the Bathroom!.. It is very red syrup...anyway, we got it all cleaned up (except where the foot of a table was - we didn't see it) It was a nearly new $3K rug. RESOLVE works good!

We also have an Electrolux Carpet cleaner/Floor Polisher - around $500 IIRC, it works good, but doesn't get a lot of use - maybe three times a year...not a great deal.

If you want the whole job done, why not hire the Pros - they do a great job, and they are in and out in less than half a day. They have great chemicals, and they are great for after a big party, or before you have a wedding reception at your place. They are cheaper than buying a machine, and they have experience with all sorts of stains and problems.
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Super necro bump........  

one of a few in the last week......


Are you compiling a necromancers top 10? That would be a fun thread. :popcorn: 


Ordered by frequency and venerability. This one's a pretty powerful spot of necromancy - 9 years - but I reckon even older threads have been resurrected before.

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