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Aaron sold me a used Gameboy Advance with accessories. He was informative and consistent in correspondence. The console arrived well-packed and in good shape. I'd gladly buy from him again.
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Aaron bought a go-vibe v5 from me. He was very prompt in payment and very communicative. It was a good experience.
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had a trade; mini cable for his games.
very easy transaction. i wouldnt mind doing it again
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Aaron,is an excellent buyer, would deffinately be a pleasure doing business with him again, Selling process is extremely easy with buyers like him, Thank You Gautama
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Positive Feedback!!!

Just got an HD555 from Gautama. Great communication and just what he posted. Thank you for the smooth transaction.
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I participated in a 3 way trade of sorts for a pair of tubes for my LD2++. He was friendly in his communications, and the tubes were shipped quickly and packaged well. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks for the tubes.
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I was part of the trade and got him the tubes for the LD II. Nice guy good communication.
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Aaron/Gautama mailed his ZVM to me after receiving the Zune he swapped for arrived at his door.

His Xtian/Bhuddhist duality sent mixed signals, but in the end it was all good.

I wish him peace, in resolving his identity,
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Sold Aaron my beloved ER-4P's.
Quick sale!
Happy to see a young upcoming Head-Fi guy get his hands on some good gear!
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Just bought a pair of x3's from Aaron, very happy with the way things turned out. Aaron was very responsive to my questions and didn't hesitate to provide information after-sale. Very prompt in shipping and an all around "good guy" to do business with.
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I bought a pair of modded SR80's from Gautama on Sunday, received them today. Gautama was easy to deal with and quick to send out the cans upon receipt of payment. They arrived in perfect condition and sound great. I would gladly do business with him again and highly recommend him to anybody.
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A pleasure to do business with Gautama. We postponed the transaction a while after he expressed some early interest and he followed through exactly as he told me he would. Thanks!
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Aaron sold me a pair of AKG K240 Sextett. Communication was very fast, he helped me out to avoid customs fee. Recommended!
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sold Gautama some starquad. fast payment and good communication.
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