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Head-Fi as a profession?

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So... I just started college, and seeing how over 90% of college students switch their majors, and so one day as I was wondering about future careers and such, how and can you make a living in the audio equipment.

In general, what major do you choose, and how easy is it to find a job after college?

Does it require a degree in Electrical Engineering to create amp and DAC boards, does it have good pay, is it easy to get a job (for say, at a company like HeadRoom, HeadAmp, or headphone or audio companies Sennheiser (sorry, dont quite know that many company names off the top of my head or dont know where they are, i'm in the US btw)).
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this exact question was posed to the Headphone Panel at the first National Meet. Pretty much it was "get an electrical engineering degree" unless you want to go DIY and get your own biz going, but even then a degree's going to help you develop your own chops instead of just DIY'ing other folk's ideas.

So yeah. Be an engineer.
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i dont think it would be impossible to buy a few books and learn about how components work, how to implement them and so on. you dont need to get a degree to get the knowledge, but there is a lot to learn. try reading a few of the threads over in teh diy section, or over at headwize to see what i mean.
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I have a few friends who work in IT managing servers etc...

anyway I know it's not head-fi but I have always told them that they should read up on home automation, AV equipment, home theatres, and start a business. If you could make contacts with contractors who would recommend you to their clients you could get in there and run cable and set it all up prior to completion of the house. I would imagine it would be a lot harder to do a retrofit...

I don't know...maybe it's too small of a market depending on where you live...
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I think your best bet is to get an electrical engineering degree, and then try to get into an established company.
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