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self explanatory. First the buttons decided they liked to swap functions a lot (5 months ago), then the battery life started to suffer (3 months ago), now the audio plug is officially Fed up as in i have to fiddle with it a bit just to have both channels and bass and treble lol. So I need a replacement, I like the Zune, Zen Vision: M, 5.5 Ipod, Cowon X5L. I need something with pretty good battery life, plays some quality music, holds alot, and will last me a long time like my Zen Touch did. I notice there's a lot of Ipod bashing here, what gives? Suggestions please and reasons why.
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From personal experience, I can highly recommend the X5L. It sounds great out of the HP out; enough so that I actually ditched my portable amp. Also, if you rockbox it (www.rockbox.org), you will also get gapless playback, and more features than you can shake a stick at. With rockbox, it has roughly 15-20 hours battery life.

The Zune is also getting good reviews around here. I think some people have compared it SQ wise to the Karma, which is saying a lot. I haven't tried one yet, so I can't say for sure. It also has software that can be a little tricky to start with.

I can't really recommend the Vision M. I tried using one, and the UI was just to cumbersome for my taste (I HATE touchpads). That's just my personal preference though.
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i really don't care about being able to watch vids because i don't know anyone that uses their mp3 players to watch movies and vids often, i know i would never use my mp3 player for video. I do like the aesthetics of the ipod and the battery life, i know that creative productsare quality, and i really like the x5l. Does the x5l have a good reputation for not having many problems, like the battery keeps that rated 35 hour battery life after tons of recharges?
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Te zune is a great player but it is a bit lacking in battery life. IME it gets around 10hours of use playing music and 3 with movies. This is not a problem for me as I am never away from my computer for 10hours anyway but this is just something to consider. as far as I know the x5L has the best battery life of the group.

If 10hours is enough battery for you I would definatly check out a zune, If not the x5l is not a bad choice.
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ive had 2 ipods in the past. bought the first used, the second one brand new. ive had lots of complaints about ipods during those 3 years. and they died on me a few weeks ago.
after weeks of researching and forum whoring, i decided to give cowon iaudio x5 60gb a chance. i received it exactly 2 weeks ago.
do i like it? hell yea! it's the best portable palyer ever! ive had ipods, used countless other players that my friends owned, but nothing can compete iaduio. it has so many useful features and the battery life is amazing. plus its so easy to use. my only complaint is that the audio plug-in is on the left side unlike most other players that have it on top. however, it doesnt bother me too much. and it cost me $275. i'm playing FLACs mostly.
good luck hunting for a new player~
edit: one more thing. the picture/image quality is bad on this baby.
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another motion for the X5L. As a former owner of it and the Zen Touch, I assure you that you will like it.
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^^ amigo, do you like the Zune after trading your D2 ?
OP, Zen touch ?
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No video? Battery life important? X5L, without a doubt.
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Get a Zune. My sister has a zen v:m. I don't like it personally...
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Originally Posted by pheonix991 View Post
Get a Zune. My sister has a zen v:m. I don't like it personally...
i don't think the Zune will satisfy what he's/she's used to with battery life. the ZVM isn't any better for battery.

@Ricardo: the Zune and D2 are hard to compare, but if nothing else, I have to say I do favor the sound of the Zune over the D2.
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well, today was my birthday and my parents got me a zen vision: m because my dad saw me mess with one at best buy and knew my zen touch is dying. It is still in the package so i think i might go return it and order a X5L. The video thing in my opinion is not necessary because i would never use it. I do dig creative's sound but i can't help but want to try out the X5L. The thing i'm worried about though is how well the X5L takes a daily beating.
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