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Like so many here, I am truly at a loss for words. I have just spent the last few minutes thinking of you, your family, the wonderful words written here, and realised that my face was wet with tears.

I can only hope that your dear-departed son is in gracious, loving and comforting hands that will care for him until one day you are united.

I share the following with you.

May you see the light in the darkness during these challenging times.

May you feel the loving presence of those who hold you in their thoughts and prayers.

May your spirit find what it needs to sustain you on this journey of grief.

May you discover your inner strength to face this difficulty with dignity and grace.

May you be filled with comfort, love, strength, and a lasting sense of peace knowing your son will always be with you.
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Wow. I'm truly sorry to hear that. My sincere condolences
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I am deeply saddened by your loss.

I have a newborn that is only 9 days old.

I am so scared and excited all at the same time, and I have no idea what I would do if I lost her. She spent her first week in neonatal intensive care.

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My heart goes out to you and your family. May your beloved son's soul soar high and far.

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