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Even a reasonably good home theater or stereo receiver you may have lying around the house may help.

They can be very handy devices allowing multiple inputs of sources and even some EQing capabilities. And depending on the quality of the headphone output stage, may even SOUND good!
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Really? so, between GV5 and 6 you would grab V5?

The AD8397, LM6172 , are they for commercial sale, or are they a DIY ones?

(sorry, just couldn't find some helpful info on those, and dont know that much about them yet... )
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F107plus5 - Hi

Yeah, sure we all have some home amps (home theaters, stereo receivers,...) but i was looking into something to interact with my MS-1. I tried them with my stereo Pioneer amp, and with my home theater, but i was looking into some more specific for them (and, who knows, something more portable for my train travels )
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I'm very happy with my ms-1 & Meier Porta Corda II. Its the last version, but its probably close to the current PCIII. It sounds much better than my stereo components. It sounds so good I am going to get the ms-2 next & use this amp with it before I buy a home hp amp. Plus it gives me portability. I do not use the ms-1 on the road, but the amp also sounds great w/ my ksc-75. In my mid-fi world, I don't see myself getting another portable amp for a long time. The ms-1 are such good hps, I bet nearly any amp will be a good match. The Go-Vibe v5 & Mister X's XP amp seem to offer a lot for the money. I don't think you can go wrong buying either one of them. I recommend reading Skylab's review of portable amps. It is very thorough and a great source of information.
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I have a PCIII and it sounds excellent with MS2s, so I think you will most likely enjoy them with the PCII.
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