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can amp for MS-1?? help

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Hi guys

just upgraded from PX-100 to MS-1 and I'm really into this! I'm a music (just hobbie) and i'm really excited with all this Hi-Fi heaphones.

I am now considering to buy some head amp. I read a few stuf about cmoy, but i have to admit I do not now almost nothing about this.

Having in mind i would like not to spend over 100 bucks (or around) what would you advise me to go to??

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in the ms-1 appreciation thread,it seems like the little dot micro pairs well with the ms-1. cheap too!
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i have a c&c box, but they aren't sold anymore. their strong suit is bass which is what the ms-1's need. there is actually one on sale now in the FS forums by theory. go get it, it's a great price!
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I personally think that you should just save up your money for better headphones. You'll find a much bigger difference with a $200 headphone then a $200 amp. IMO of course
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yes, i understand you, and yes, i am always looking into it, reading about all the stuff from better cans, so you think I will not have enough gain from a headamp with MS-1? is that it?

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and just another thing: if i save money to better cans, wouldn't i need some headamps to drive them?

i know that, for instance better grados have the same impedance as the SR series, but don't they benefit from some headamp?

thank you!!
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What he was trying to say is that headphones make the most significant difference in the overall sound of your rig. Not that amps will not make a difference.

I can see where he's coming from, but I don't share the same sentiment. If you're happy with the MS1s, then an amplifier to match is simply building on the quality sound that you already enjoy, and making it better!
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thak you glendale, but then could you advise me some spec headamp for MS-1? thanks!
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Look into a Go-Vibe 6. Under $100 and excellent sound. http://www.go-vibe-headphoneamp.com/Go-Vibe_Models.html
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what about corda headfive? anyone??
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x2 on the go-vibe 6 recommendation. They synergize very well with the ms-1's
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X3 on the Go-Vibe 6.
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i think i'll buy that one.

Thank you guys!
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Grab the GoVibe 5 for half the price right now. GoVibe 6 uses fairly low current opamps (AD8620/AD8610) that aren't meant to drive headphones directly. It's nice and all, but personally, I totally prefer AD8397 or LM6172 in that design.
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