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***SOLD***ErnieM PCK-13 Power Cords***SOLD***

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Three (3) ErnieM PCK-13 power cords: 1x 4ft. and 2x 5ft.

Made with Belden-E 83704 13AWG stranded copper wire, good quality ends (Leviton 3-pronged plug and, I think, a Schurter IEC socket) with solderless terminations. Features a disconnectable ground wire counter-wound around the outside. The red-jacketed cable is drawn inside a clear plastic, protective sleeve, with the blue, outboard ground wire spiraled around the outside. A cool-looking cable!

Musical, warm and dynamic-sounding power cords. I replaced my Signal Cable power cords with the ErnieM, which I think clearly bettered the Signal Cable in every respect. These cords are about two years old and in excellent condition.

The kits originally listed for $59 or $69 apiece; to that, add the value of my conscientious labor. : )

Asking $SOLD (OBO) for the 4ft. cord, and $SOLD (OBO) apiece for the 5ft. cords. Package deals possible--and in fact are welcome. Get 1x 4ft. + 1x 5ft. for $SOLD; 2x 5ft. for $SOLD; all three for $SOLD.

Prices include ConUS shipping. If you PayPal, please add 3.9% (which is what I get charged regardless of payee's funding source).
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Have You Met Ernie? Ernie M, that is . . .

BUMP for the ErnieM PCK-13 power cords.
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Bump for Lower Price and Expanded Selection

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BUMP for new-and-improved ErnieM ad! : ) Ernie's calling . . . Yoo-Hoo, Head-Fier, why don't you buy me???
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No pics. Sorry. I'm more in the ice age than the digital one. If I can get a friend to take some pictures, I may post later, but please don't hold your breath. : )
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Thanks, Cosmid. Enjoy these fine DIY cables!
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