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FS/FT sennheiser hd 595

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These are like new, i bought them about a month from another headfi (who said they were just broken in, and i believe him, the pads aren't even worn yet.

50ohm version (i think its 50, its the lower ohm, not the 120 one).

comes with original box, adapter and headphone hanger.

i would love to trade these +/- cash for a different set of headphones.

any grado/allesandro
audio technica 900s
goldring dr150s
second tier iems (ety er4 shure e4 etc...)

basically any headphone!

also willing to sell for 140$ shipped (this is firm, 5$ less than i paid, still same great like new condition)

i have some feedback here as well as ebay, if you want to see it, let me know

EDIT: please reply via pm as i might forget to check here.
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bump- still f/s
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how about ath-CK9?
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How much extra would you want to trade for a set of IM716's?
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bump...still f/s
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check your pm
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