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I started this hobby slightly older than you are (17) I've learnt teh ABC of buying audio as a teen

Always stick to your budget

Be stealthy on your purchases

Crappy equipments will increase rate of upgraditis progression

Just be contend with your setup as uch as possible.

Audioteen Hungerforce!
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Originally Posted by needanamp View Post
im 16. I got BOLLOCKED by parents last night for buying an imod. had to ask for money back. They said im couaght up in the hype, it wont sound better, it wont even arrive, your not normal - how may teens click away 300 based on faith? i have 600 in th ebank. thats half my money. hmm. i just go sooo tempted. they got really angry. worst telling off in 16 years!!! its like im chasing for an inner satisfaction that ultimately cant be caught. therell always be something more i want to buy. they where ashamed that i could be content and moral and enjy life for what it is, not pay $600 for slightly better sound that is negligatable, considering so many ppl put up with normal ipods.
Yes, they are christian, and so am i sort of. She (mum) said i was being stupid with money and that not to expect any money from her for clothes etc. They think i am being led down a dodgy road, where you pay for things that dont really make a difference. 'How much better can it be?' was constantly asaked. They obviously dont understand music.

NAturally, i begged Ken (ALOAudio) for the moeny back. LIFESAVERRRR. i owe him alot. Now i dunno what to do. I dont want to go down the audiophile route if it will only tear my family apart...its not worth it.

Good job they didnt know i planned on a tomahwak amp and super.fi pro 5 too!!!

ANYONE HAVE ANY GOOD ARGUMENTS FOR ME? What are your opinions on my situation??

however, it is true that i have GCSE's in 1 month, and i never revise, becasue headfi distracts me too much. i spend about 20hours a week on it. Not good!
I think your parents dont give you enough, some of the kids here have flats
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Remember this:

Money is the root of arguments!
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Just wait until you have a part-time job and off to college. After that, you can head-fi to your heart's content.

When I was 16, I don't think I could have spent more than $300 on a listening rig. A few hundred dollars is a lot of money at that age. It's definitely money that could be spent hanging out with friends and whatnot. Now that I have earned some money and basically live away from home for the most part, the whole audiophile experience is much more enjoyable.
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Originally Posted by cerbie View Post
Sounds to me like you're going in way too much, too fast, and your parents are right, even if maybe a touch overboard. That's even discounting the FS thread info. With only $600, even at 16 (no living costs), an iMod is quite excessive all by itself.

Try maybe spending half on audio stuff--total. If you must spend it all, at least make it music. I can never spend as little as I plan on CDs...
I think this is very funny considering Ive probably spent 12 to 14 times net as much on audio at the same age (I have made some of it back). Being a teenager in a middle class family is a luxury that should be taken advantage of for precisely this reason. You have very little expenses, and you can use your money to pursue your passions, an opportunity which you will not be granted later in life. Seize it!

I've been in your shoes, although I suppose my parents are a bit more understanding. I had a big blowout with my mother about spending gift money and it ended up with me getting a job, several jobs actually. They're attitude is that if I EARNED it, its my money, and my money to waste. My father can empathize with the hobby and while he enjoys it I dont think he could rationalize it to himself. My mother on the other hand, (who is now half-deaf due to a brain tumor) thinks I am TOTALLY nuts hehe.
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Originally Posted by Spareribs View Post
Remember this:

Money is the root of arguments!
we cant live without it!
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Consider your self lucky though. When I was 16, we didn't have iPods! I would have loved a stock iPod at that age. Poor kids in Alabama would love to have even a stock iPod right now!

All I had was a crappy $70 boom box with a bunch of hissy sounding coppied cassette tapes and a bag of weed. Wasn't bad too bad of a life though.
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Whose money is it? Your parents?
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Never Changes


I'm 45 years old, own a decent little business -- and still get the same lecture -- FROM MY WIFE. It never changes, just get used to it.
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Your parents were right. You did get screwed over by this whole "internet thing". You read imod reviews out of context and started thinking that you need an imod in order to have good quality sound. The same applies for the Hornet, it is most definitely a luxury that you thought was a necessity. If you apply the same logic to your other buying decisions outside of headphones you will be in a world of hurt very quickly. You have very little money yet you decided to buy products well into the terrirotyr of diminishing returns. Moreover, you were wasting way too much money on a portable righ instead of fullsize headphones. For the price of the imod alone you can buy a very nice amp/dac/headphones combo that will blow the UE5s out of the water.

You also dont seem like the type of person that actually cares about this hobby. I dont think anyone else here would allow their nanos to get into such a bad condition that they would have to break it and get a new one.

And id you honestly expect your parents to support you spending $300 without even telling them about it? You tell your parents FIRST, then you buy what they want. If they need convincing, convince them. I would not want to be in your shoes however when trying to win that argument because you had not thought it through.
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Originally Posted by needanamp View Post
yh i planned for the super.fi pro 5's. i wanted an all in one big buy... for the extra wow factor and no upgraditus..at least for a few years
have you planned for what you're going to do if you're completely underwhelmed after spending hundreds of dollars? It happened to me in the form of HD580's, DT880's, a gilmore lite and a Eastsound CD-5. Scratched my head and asked myself why the hell didn't I spend $800 on speakers instead.

head-fi has its good and its bad. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, especially on stuff like cables and modification services. A lot of people will sing praises about a piece of equipment because they are lying to themselves. They're in denial that they've just wasted a few hundred dollars and have little difference in sound to show for it. Other times it could be a complete placebo effect, all they know is they've spent X amount and therefore it proportionally sounds Y times better. Judge things for yourself and don't make big purchases without demoing the equipment first. I had the chance to sit down with some very expensive headphones/source/amp and all I thought to myself was, is that it? Is that all $5000 more than my current rig will get me? IMO you should not even look at the price tag when demoing equipment. Listen to the sound first and then ask how much it costs. I've been underwhelmed by $20,000 systems, and wowed by $2000 systems.
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Originally Posted by Spareribs

All I had was a crappy $70 boom box with a bunch of hissy sounding coppied cassette tapes and a bag of weed.
sounds like life in the 80's lol
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certain easier when 1. your parents are audiophile 2. you make your own money

overall begging for $ from parents or anyone is not a good idea, unless those whom you are begging from are loaded and don't care

and pne is right about money. more money may not build you a better system than less money, although its more likely a more expensive system is better, but there is no rule that says 10k system MUST be better than 3K system.
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honestly...listen to stuff before you buy, always question, never buy into hype, abx, and be true to yourself. I have never been discouraged or disappointed with a purchase in this hobby because I know what to expect (but I am weird and have fun researching and reading). Yeah I think your parents were right on this one.

Make sure that you are listening to music and not equipment.
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I'd say head-fi is worth it if you do everything in steps.
For example, I had HD-650 with no amp/x-fi as source. And I worked my way up to my current setup. I'd say it is worth the money as long as you have an obligation to make your audio sound good.
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