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E4C vs. Others

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I never really spent much time working on good audiophile listening habits so my range is a little low price wise, considering all my audio is low quality rock pop and such from limewire I don't think I need the best headphones like Electros or Grado top end headphones, I did like the MR325i I think? but they are pricey and I think an IEM would suite me better, so I am here today trying to figure out what headphones I should requested from my birthday coming up alarmingly soon, I have been looking at ER4P's but I here they aren't too great for activity and they tend to fall out, Shures were the first IEM I ever saw while browsing and they seem really nice, I am fond of the E4C in black, I definitely want to keep it under $200. I am thinking un amped IRiver H10, FM radio, TV, and Computer usage. Forgot to add it needs to be ready to go on the move, on a bike, walking and maybe even playing tennis, OTE may be best?

I have frequented

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The Shure or Westone IEMs are pretty good for active sports. I use mine for hiking and mountain biking ( as well as sitting, lying down, driving, working and sleeping )
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Bump and statement of leaning towards a pair of E4C in black.
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From what I've heard the E4Cs are good. I don't have any personal experience with them myself, but I don't know if it's a good idea to use IEMs while biking or driving. I wouldn't want to, simply because of the amount of isolation.

Anyway, I would say you can't go wrong with Etymotic ER-4Ps, but they are kind of ugly compared to E4Cs in my opinion. Also, you may have problems with microphonics. I don't have any problems with them falling out, you may just have to use larger tips if you have large ears.
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I've never had problems with my ER-4P's falling out. I jog quite often with them using the foam plugs. They are even more strongly held in place with the flanges as long as your fit is good.
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Ultimate Ears 5 pro is another popular choice near your budget too
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Watch our for Shure cables dying in cold weathers.
I would suggest something with removable cables.
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Originally Posted by 65535 View Post
what headphones I should requested from my birthday coming up alarmingly soon, I have been looking at ER4P's
ER4P alarm sounding
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shure e4 for $175,- + 7,- shipping at djdeals.com
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While I'm absolutely in love with my ER4P's, I wouldn't say it's the most suitable little IEM's for streneous activity.
The ergonomics aren't too great, and the microphonics are horrible.
Go for the Shure E4/UE5pro. They have a nice around the ear design, and probably suits your music tastes better.
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to clear things up

This is probably something I can use to my defence. When biking I used to use sony Canal phones that had issymetrical cords and just use the left phone for listening get clean unintereupted music and leave my right ear open for listening, it works pretty well, so I would lean towards a headphone with issy cords, but OTE may work equally as well since it would allow the right phone to drape over my shoulder and take strain that makes headphones A) get in the way B) make the left phone uncomfortable. That is my only problem with the Ety's the shures would happily dangle on their own shoulder. If you guys haven't tried that it gives you excellent sound but allows you to listen to the world, albiet you only get mono on one side so you don't get all the music, Maybe there is a device that turns a sterio 1/8" output to mono 1/8" binding both channels.? Of course not on an audiophile site, it's sacrilige.

One more thing I forgot to add I live in Sunny Socal.
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Opinion Bump.
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