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I sold/built a couple cables for harvey

Communication was great, payment perfect, and he told me when they came!

An A++ head-fier, would happily deal with him again.
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sold Harvey a custom RCA->Mini cable, great communication and extremely fast payment! Would definitely deal with Harvey again
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Sold Haarvi a CD. Fast and courteous communication!
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Sold haarvi a MDR-F1. Everything went well! He's a great guy.
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Harvey purchased my Sennheiser IE8 earphones. He was very curteous and accomodating with great communicationg, definitely the kind of person you would want to do business with.
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Harvey bought my iQube and i must say he is an excellent person to deal with.

The transaction was flawless. He waited patiently as payment was cleared. And had full understanding and consideration until it was time to ship.

Excellent person to deal with on head-fi, would love to deal with again! A+++

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Harvey bought an extension cable from me, payment was fast and communication excellent. A great transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks!
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Sold Harvey an IC - great communication, fast payment, excellent transaction. Thanks!
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I sold Harvey a Stax alpha pro and srd-7 mkii, smooth deal. Perfect transaction.
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Paid promptly for my set of Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones!
This is a trader I would definitely do business with again.
Thanks for a pleasant experience Harvey!
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Sold my CTH amp. He was pleasant to deal with. Prompt and good communication. I would gladly do business again. 

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I sold Harvey a Darth Beyer v4 (Terminator). Again, this was a smooth transaction and I was very happy to do business with Harvey yet again.

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I sold Harvey a Niles AXP-1. Communication was great and his payment was prompt. Highly recommended buyer!

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Harvey bought my Sony SA5000 and the transaction couldn't have gone smoother. I would do business with him again without hesitation, highly recommended!

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