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Wow... this is cool news to me. I haven't posted or read these threads in a very long while.

I wonder if they will offer some sort of upgrade policy for the Triple.Fi as well..

If the UE-10 were considered the most perfect IEM, how much more perfect than perfect can you get? Maybe it's a soft mold this time? Quad-driver?

This will be interesting... seeing what unfolds and how UE handles this product, to say the least.
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I'll also be looking forward to this one... if they can bridge the gap between my HD650's, Super.Fi 5's/5EB's (have both IEM's), then i am looking forward to it very much. The Triple.Fi's sounded sort of cool but seemed a little too gimmick-y and FOTM to be worth the investment. I look forward to some quality custom IEM's directed at the "mainstream audiophile" market. In other words, the market that likes a more fun and musical sound that's still detailed and reasonably balanced.
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Poor Trose...

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Originally Posted by IPodPJ View Post
Poor Trose...

I knew it was just a matter of time before my name got dragged into this one!

I sent sent my UE-10 pros back to UE due to the custom faceplates lifting up away from the bases. They should have tuesday hope to get them back soon.

As for new upgraded IEMS Im not buying into any hype any more unless I see them packaged and in stock for ordering.

Need I remind everyone Westone, Triple-Fi's, Diablo Amp need I go on!

NOPE not gonna do it!!!!!!!!!
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