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And the winners of the HF2 prize drawing were...

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...who were they?
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Wasn't me, that's for sure.

It was funny though, Ray wanted so many of those prizes.

*calls out the winner*

Ray: That's chinese for "Ray Samuels"!
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And the winners are...

Winners did not need to be present to win, so either Voltron or myself will be contacting you soon via PM if you did not pick up your prize at the meet!


jbarraza - Shure SR310
Herb Cygan - Shure SE210
Jahn - ALO Jumbo Cryo X Silver iPod Line-Out Dock
Bigguy - Ultrasone iCan
Jasper994 - Ray Saumuels Audio Tomahawk
wakeride74 - AKG K81DJ
reedmor59 - AudioArt IC3
dominguez - AudioArt SC-5
Gordie - Westone UM1
Stevesurf - Westone UM2
chesterdad - Woo Audio Headphone Stand
wthbtw - Woo Audio Headphone Stand
matt8268 - V-Moda Vibe
Watashi - V-Moda Vibe
RLanger - Ultimate Ears 10 Pro
Rottenclam - Crossroads Acoustics Portable System (includes all three models of Mylarone IEMs, a CR-2 Amp, and a Head-Fest logo iPod dock)
Ironbut - Crossroads Acoustics Portable System
was ist los? - Crossroads Acoustics Portable System
Forest Design - Yuin PK1 Earphones (from Head-Direct)
n_maher - MiniBox Silver mini-mini cable (from Head-Direct)
gaderson - Stefan AudioArt Equinox HD650/600 Cable
Klarus - SinglePower SquareWave
3x331m - RudiStor NKK 01 SE with integrated USB-DAC
flohmann - Westone UM3
uglymask - Lavry DA10
Ocean Machine - Stax SRS-2050II Basic
ldj325 - Selective Sounds custom ear molds for Universal IEMs


arwong - Manuel Santos Black/Black Interconnects
unter Schuld - Mystery Box #1: "The Portable Trifecta"
cclragnarok - Moon Audio Silver Dragon Interconnects
circularlogic - V-Moda Vibe
m3guy87 - V-Moda Vibe
wae5 - Ultrasone HFI-2200 ULE
KC Lim - Shure SE210
BHJazz('s wife) - Shure SE310
FaRKle - Ultimate Ears 5 Pro
PATB - Yuin PK2 Earphones
Brad Finkleston - Crossroads Acoustics Portable System
Strungoutt1 - Crossroads Acoustics Portable System
kevin94303 - TTVJ Millett Hybrid Portable Amp
Artguy - Woo Audio Woo 3 SET OTL amplifier with preamp output
mikeymad - Kryo-treated Oppo 970 Universal Player (from Reference Audio Mods/Kryophysics)
John_jcb - Sennheiser HD-555 Headphones in Aqua Blue
Decur - Sennheiser PX450 Active/Passive Noise-Canceling Headphones
Blue Star - Stax S-100 Mk2 Portable System
Remitrom - AKG K240
rock monster - Koss ESP950 Electrostatic Stereophone System
immtbiker - Slim Devices Squeezebox
Tom Wang - Headroom Desktop Portable Amplifier with DAC & preamp function!
Bhd812 - Benchmark DAC 1 USB
episiarch - Lavry DA10

Congratulations to all of this year's winners, and an extra special thanks to the vendors & members who donated such a great array of prizes!
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Wow there are some great prizes there. Congratulations to the winners!
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Wait a sec, did i just win something? I think my name was misspelled up there. I was there today, Sunday, but had no idea. You mentioned that vas ist los won, that would be the German pronunciation of my name...
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*from the background* Ray Samuels!
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I just want to thank ALO for donating the great ALO Jumbo Cryo X Silver iPod Line-Out Dock that I won! I've been using an Apple Remote as my dock out of the iPod, so you could say an upgrade was in order, hehe. This will definitely be my transportable rig IC! (will still keep the remote/mini ic combo for subway rides tho, so as not to be pulling out my ipod in interesting public places).

Romanee is putting it through its paces as we speak to help with the break in and comparo deal, by our next minimeet we should have some impressions for ya! Oh and I admit to not really being in touch with the dock market for a while so I was like "whee i won some cables let's look it up online YOWZA 140 SMACKEROOS!" so indeed, a very generous donation, and thanks again, I look forward to putting it through its paces myself!
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Originally Posted by was ist los? View Post
Wait a sec, did i just win something?
You did indeed! Sorry for the mixup...your member name has been corrected above. Either Voltron or I will get a hold of you soon!
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Okay I got to know since they were never revealed thanks to the winners who weren't present. What the hell is in the box of snakes (I must assume cables) and what is in the portable trifecta box.
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Saturday Winner

Hey on Saturday I won the custom ear molds for Universal IEMs from Selective Sounds. The lovely Shauna Raynor took my impressions this morning and the custom tips should be on their way to me soon.
I don't recall having won a door prize before so I WANT ON THE LIST. So 1 minute down and only 14 minutes more to go on my 15 minutes of fame.

And in case anyone wants to know, my ears were pronounced spotlessly clean during the exam. All the extra scrubbing with the scrub brush these past few weeks has paid off--so all you folks whose high end cans that I tried at the meet can rest a little easier tonight.
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Congrats to all the winners, and a special "You Lucky Dog" to Jasper994. Enjoy the Tomahawk, Aaron!
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Yay! Wow a new toy! I was only here on Sunday, didn't know I won the Saturday's raffle... Thanks!
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Marvelous prizes guys. Wonderful.
Just people who went to the meet were concurring for the prizes, right?
If so, i might find a way to be on the next meet ...
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Originally Posted by BRBJackson View Post
Congrats to all the winners, and a special "You Lucky Dog" to Jasper994. Enjoy the Tomahawk, Aaron!
We missed you Bill! I was sure you were coming and realized on Saturday that you had not shown up. Sorry you missed it. Now you just have to come up to the next big NorCal meet to make up for it!
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Wow a Benchmark DAC-1 USB!

O_O, Great prizes! Congrats to the winners.
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