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Order a yager bomb.

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^ It's jager.

Old fasioned !
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Originally Posted by Gautama
Question here

Do you guys drink to get drunk or drink for the taste?
Well, since the closest thing top alcohol i drink is root beer, then I guess i drink for the taste. (I am one of the only college students I know that doesn't drink...)
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Irish Car Bomb
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Try a Prairie Dog, Tequila and Tabasco, 1:1. You'll never forget it.

When visiting the tiki bar a town over, I like to have a Samoan Fogcutter. Yeah, it's a foo-foo drink, but you have to have at least one.

My standard mixed drink for weddings, conferences, office parties, etc. (where decent beer isn't available) is the Greyhound. Vodka and grapefruit juice on the rocks, highball. Try one. They're refreshing, not sweet, and I'm usually OK in the morning if I stick to them.

Out to dinner or just out for drinks, I usually stick to beer. Micros, always, and I go for IPAs, stouts and porters. A good martini (standard gin/vermouth, olive, shaken, no flavored crap) hits the spot, too. As does a nice cab or pinot. But mostly, I'm a beer guy. Don't just drink the standard American junk, try a variety of micros. They're better and don't be afraid of the dark ones. They're not bitter.
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My 2 cents...

Bars are a rip off. Do a bar course - or buy a mixer book, or check the Internet - arrange a bar night with some friends. Allocate a bottle of spirits for each to buy and chip in for some mixers. Experiment with some whacky drinks and see what you like (and you can all pass out on the floor . Check up on the Internet for the key ingedients and away you go.


Cheap and fun.

Don't waste money on drinks at bars; buy beer or some other cheap stuff.

And, never buy bottles of nice wine when you're out for dinner; at least until you have a good job and want throw money away. Restaurants charge double or triple the shelf price of decent wine. Buy some nice wine - do some research, don't ask for tips at the local shop - and share a nice meal and wine with friends.

And remember, don't drink to forget or forget to drink.
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Heineken & Patron,

cNat gO rOng (hiccup) burrp)
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Boilermaker=Beer and a shot.
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Long Island Ice Tea. Watch out cause it can be very strong.
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Long Island Ice Tea. Watch out cause it can be very strong.
Holy Water with lemon
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A couple of things to remember:

1) PreDrink for sure, nobody wants to blow $100 at the bar.
2) NEVER MIX. Worst combinations would be
- beer + fruity mixed drinks (avoid at all costs)
- wine + anything

If you're planning to mix, it's OK to go HIGHER in alchohol, never lower. So if you start your night with a few shots, stick to 40%. If you have a few beers at the beginning, feel free to order shots later. Just don't do it the other way around or you'll be throwing up.

3) Good Scotch and Whiskey usually don't give you a hangover. Verified with Crown Royal, JB Scotch, TL Scotch, Red Label and Black Label. Unless you go overboard of course, but under 90% of circumstances, whiskey all night won't give you a headache.
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^ A snakebite isn't bad.

Although the only one I had I made myself and that was with a chap domestic beer and some strongbow someone left in the fridge.

The cider took the edge off the beer. By edge I mean the dirty bathtub taste.

Wouldn't try it with a good beer though, would probably wreck it.
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Irish Car Bombs. They are the best drink ever.
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Here are some of my favorites:
gin & tonic
vodka & cranberry juice

And in my opinion it is highly preferrable not to pre-drink. It is infinitely more exciting to get slightly buzzed in an exciting environment, as opposed to getting buzzed in your own livingroom. Besides, the drinks are usually much better when prepared and served by professionals, instead of your own drunken concoctions, where the lime is replaced by lemon, the gin is replaced by vodka, and the tonic is replaced by seven-up and soda water...
Also, you get to drink too much if you pre-drink. You might not care about that at age 21, but you will look back and think again when you are age 31 and your liver is screaming hosanna...
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My favourite is a kamikaze...vodka, triple sec and lime juice. Strong and sour, just the way I like them. Also, very refreshing, like a limeade.

I agree with pre-drinking...bars are waaaay too expensive. It's fun to have one or two, but any more is just suicide
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