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After a day back in the "real", non head-fi world, I'm reminded of the quote about the Swan.

"Being the image of grace and calm on the surface, whilst paddling furiously beneath"

Putting on Headfest, and making it appear easy on the day took a great deal of organization behind the scenes.

Thanks, and Ancient and Sacred Order of the Swan, First Class, go to you all for your work ahead of time.

Thanks also to the volunteers on the day for helping setting up + clearing the meet room.

Thanks to Richard and his staff for the little tweaks as and when required.

Last but not least, the biggest thanks go to the unsung Heroines (and Hero's), The ones who let us indulge ourselves in the world that is Head-Fi.

Please be upstanding and raise your glasses. The toast is

Team Head-Fi Widows! (and Widowers)

You can now have us back. Well, until next year.
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From a noobs perspective, I'd like to give my thanks and regards to all who made this meet possible plus to all the vendors and Headfi members who shared their gear. (I managed to put in a couple hours on Sat. I really wanted to stop by on Sun to spend more time but got pretty sick) I have to say i was pretty amazed, enlighted and intimidated by all that awesome gear. Those balanced setups are off the hook! At least now I know what to aim for
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