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Thank you

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who worked to put this together. It was such a pleasure to meet and visit with some other headfiers that I've only known here on the boards. I know I missed many of you but for those I got to meet... LFF, Jasper, iron_dreamer, Voltron, Clarke, Jahn, bozebuttons... I know I'm forgetting folks but it was great to meet you!

A special thanks to some vendors that I've had lengthy conversations with and also finally got to meet: Ray Samuels - it was a real pleasure, I enjoyed visiting with you and your wife... I'll shoot you an order after escrow keep making great stuff and watch that Tic-tac intake, they'll give ya heartburn! Ken from ALO - you rock man, thanks so much for everything and keep up the good work... let me know when you get that proto-type finished! Mikhail - Awesome new amps! It was nice to finally meet you. Todd - I may hit you up for some GS-1000... and that portable hybrid was pretty sweet too! Tyll - Thanks for the demo, I'm loving that desktop speaker setup... damn you! Finally, Jude - I've never talked with you much but you seem like a great guy and I'm glad we had a chance to talk. Thanks for all the work you've done to make such a great place for all us audioholics!

Apologies to anyone I forgot (1911 - sorry I missed you man!). I would have loved to be there today too but it wasn't possible. I missed some great gear and other headfiers for lack of time but I had a great time and just wanted to say thanks.

edit - Sorry Doug (Westone) almost forgot you... great to meet you finally and nice work on the 3's! They sound awesome, can't wait to see the finished product and looking forward to the 3 customs!
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+1 on all of this.

And to Mr. and Mrs. Samuels - sorry for hanging around so much but I liked your amplifiers and music sooooooooo much.
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Wanted to add my thanks as well - there was so much fantastic equipment I don't know where to start... Thanks to the organizers for doing such a great job, and to the vendors who spent the time to set things up and provide help to audition the equipment. Big thanks to everyone who brought in their own equipment as well!
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it was great seeing everyone too, both old and new faces! i wish i could have spent more time with you all, but 1911 was a total bogart in that department, bah.

BIG THANKS to all the coordinators for the meet! we folks in NYC know how crazy and basically un-fun it is to run these things, as you're too busy making sure that everyone else is having fun to have fun yourselves! in fact, that's why florida would explode having a national meet - can you imagine those guys NOT having fun? i keed!

so yeah, you guys rock, and hope to see you on the East Coast sometime soon!
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Thank you Al and everyone else who helped organize the meet for one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in recent memory. The meet was absolutely spectacular and everyone was a joy to speak with.

Thank you Ray Samuels for being an absolute gentleman. I now have nothing more than the utmost respect for your work. Thank you for all of your help and excellent advice in helping me A-B your Raptor and the Zana.

Thank you Dan Lavry for your patience and excellent talk. I think I learned more from you in the two hours of knowing you than I do from some of my classes!

And lastly, thank you to everyone else who helped make this meet an incredibly enjoyable experience. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.
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Oh and thanks to AKG for the K81DJ's that you donated and I won These sound pretty good... wish I would have had them a few weeks ago flying to Maui.
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Thanks everyone!!!... the vendors, the moderators, the meet organizers... And Jude for making it all happen. What a weekend!

Thanks to AKG for the t-shirt and CrossRoads audio and Al for the very generous care package, and head-direct for the TRS cable.

My only regret is that I was unable to get Leaav on film doing something goofy But I got lots of other folks on tape doing goofy things
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Originally Posted by kramer5150 View Post
Thanks everyone!!!... the vendors, the moderators, the meet organizers... What a weekend!

My only regret is that I was unable to get Leaav on film doing something goofy But I got lots of other folks on tape doing goofy things
I saw you going around with the camera. I was going to say Hi, but it looked like you were busy.
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Yeah, man, a huge shout out to Voltron, clarke68, and Sleestack ... Al, Clarke, and Richard, and all the volunteers. It was simply magnificent. I remember sitting at the table having lunch talking about doing this last year, and knowing how great you'd all do, and how HAMMERED you'd feel by the time it was over. I knew you were volunteering to be the heros that we'd throw to the lions so we could have our 50 hours of joy. They did not experience the meet the way we did: They bled for us this day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are going to have one heck of a great time next year in Chicago! (Someone else will bleed that day.)
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I seriously had a blast at the meet and wanted to thank everyone involved in setting up and participating in HF2. It was my first major meet and for sure not my last! The components were amazing, of course, but the the real joy was meeting others sharing the same whacky passion. It's not everyday that you can walk around with your full-size headphones hanging on your neck all over the place without someone shooting you a sideways glance.

I loved the interaction that this type of meet allows for, and I seem to learn something in each and every conversation I had with other members and the vendors. One hell of a community we have here, and I'm extremely proud to be part of it. Thanks everyone.
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Add me to the list to give big, big thanks to the incredible team of Al, Clarke, Richard, episiarch, say you guys rock would be a huge understatement. Al, for instance, was seemingly everywhere at once, and cool as a cucumber to boot. How do you do it, man? And you all were so kind and absolutely the neatest people I could have expected to hang out with. I was impressed, and felt welcome (as did my wife) which is often the last thing people get at any kind of audio meet/show. I think that's cool.

As for the vendors..the who? I call them personalities! The headphone community has got the greatest group of people to work with that it's just amazing. Tyll, Ray, Steve Nugent (who graciously shared some chocolate on Saturday), Jack Wu, Kelly from UE - and ALL the rest - If I didn't say it enough while I was there - Thank You! Your support of the headphone community is very much appreciated.
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it was a very nice weekend indeed. it "saved" me the money of buying all of those different setups since i know what i want now =)
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A great big "Thank's" to Al, Richard, Clarke, Grahame, Al, episiarch and jude for putting together such a wonderful event.

It seemed like everything was well thought out, and that there was alot of attention to detail during the planing. The registration (great ID tags,tag holders), the meals, the give'aways, the table layout, the travel agent, vendors, etc. Just a tremendous effort by you all. Not aware of a single hiccup while I was there.

Hope you all took today off

We all "owe" you one!
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Originally Posted by utep10 View Post
Hope you all took today off
You bet!! Not going to a single Head-Fi meet all day!

Too much to do back at the office.

In all seriousness, you're all very welcome! It was a pleasure to work on the meet and a privilege to meet so many of you. If we managed to put on a meet that was to any degree worthy of the time of the terrific community members who joined us from far and from near, that's all we could hope for.

And in turn a huge, huge thank-you to all the people who showed up. You are the ones who made this event the success it was. And to the speakers, vendors, sponsors and press who added not just their own personalities and equipment, and let's not forget essential funding, to make it bigger and better still -- but also added the press coverage, visibility, and dare I say it respectability to this unusual passion that will help us bring new levels of musical delight and audio discernment to more and more people as the years go on. Thank you all!

And thanks Al, Clarke, Ric, Jude, Grahame, and Maria from the Radisson, the people with whom I worked most directly. It was a privilege and pleasure to serve with you.
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