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FYI - Buying Grados in France

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I contacted Grado to know where I could buy Grados in France (to avoid expensive shipping) and they gave me this:


I called and they do sell Grados. The commercial person was not in so I will call them again later.

Just to let know other French members ...

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Salut Pierre!

Well, i'll use english as it is the reference language on this board.

I live in Brussels and I also thought to buy Grado headphones. But the price really discouraged me. There are a few high-end audio shops that carry the Grado line in Brussels, but they ask like $150 for a SR80 while it was about $170 for a Senn HD580.
So for (nearly) the same price, I had the choice between an entry line Grado or a 'top of the line' Sennheiser. So my final choice was for the Senn HD580, which was IMO more comfortable for home usage (I allready owned a senn HD25 for portable use, which I like very much).

However, if you contact those people at S.I.E.A. and they give you their price list, could you put their prices on this board to see if Grados are also way too much overpriced in France (as I often travel to Paris, maybe I could consider a new investment)
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If I get a price list, I sure will publish it here.

By the way, I'm from Brussels too, just moved to Paris 2 years ago. It's always nice to hear from compatriots!

If the prices here are OK and you are interested we certainly could arrange something as I also go to Brussels from times to times.

If they are too expensive, I will maybe switch to Sennheiser as well. I listen a lot to rock so Grados SR60 could have been nice as well as rather cheap. However, my tastes in rock drift toward Blues so Senheisser could probably fit this.

Also, with Sen, I will have to build/buy an amp, while it is optional with the Grado SR60.

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pierre & steril: More Europeans - that's fine. May I inform both of you, that Sennheiser is not the only oter option - you could also look into the beyerdynamic DT531 or the Philips HP890. Both should be cheaper that the HD580 and of similar quality. The beyerdynamic is a little more on the bassy and punchy side (a nice blend between Grado and Sennheiser sound, I'd say), whereas the Philips is a little brighter (I'd say a good blend between Grado and AKG sound).

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I finally called them ...

Grado SR60 : 1220 FRF (USD 169)
Grado SR80 : 1590 FRF (USD 221)

Should I explain whay I did not ask for any more prices?

So, I guess I will audition some Sennheisers but I would have preferred headphones not requiring an amp. Maybe some Denon's?


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So the 'Grado situation' is even worse in France...doesn't surprise me...

Indeed, I'd suggest you not to buy a Senn HD 580/600 if you don't plan to buy an amp, cause they are a bit deceiving without decent amplification.
You could always give a try to the Senn HD 25 if you want something that sounds very good without an amp. I really love this headphone (actually, I use it a lot more than my HD 580)... but it is quite expensive too (but i suppose that for the same price it should be far better than a Grado SR 60).
And as Lini told, Phillips might also be an option...
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Philips HD910


did you ever heard Philips HD 910?

They seem to share a common design/look with the 890. And they are available in main stores for a very good price ($90).

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Ohhhhh... how I wish I was in France...
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I recommend checking out Beyerdynamic, specifically the DT-770 Pro and the DT-990 Pro, they may just fit the bill.... though an amplifier may be needed.
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