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am selling a trusty pair...

An Allied 935 tube integrated amp..the output tubes are 6MB8...The amp has the original Matsu****a (very low hours) and I have a pair of GE's that are on the amp now (you can see in the pic). The amp has been used very little and it really is in almost mint condition..maybe one or two tiny marks that happen when you move units around and such. It has aux, tape, 2 phonos (mag and cer), etc. speakers off switch to use when listening top headphones. Wooden case.

The tuner is the Allied 285 in the same condition... strong reception and no issues.

Some of the knobs could use a cleaning with De-Oxit. some scratchiness once in awhile.

Links to larger pics:

Its really a cool and great sounding setup...I like its small footprint. The real walnut case fits either of the two units.

Buyer to pay shipping from Zip 31535