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The 20,000th Post. - Page 4

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20,000 posts in less than 3 years (2 yrs - 9 months).
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Great twenty thousandth post Jahn and for a great cause. That was a great idea.

Ed, I hope Phoebe and mom and doing well.
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That was awesome James!
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I've got six kids, James, your 20k post is the poo-poo.

Great having breakfast with you before I hit the road this morning.
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Originally Posted by Afrikane View Post
What a fantastic 20k post; welcome to the world Phoebe.
Originally Posted by Towert7 View Post
Way to go man, that's the best 20,000'th post I've seen!
x4 (2 each).

That was a very thoughtful thing to do from a true gentleman. As I said a couple of times over the weekend, it was a shame you were all the way out here and I barely talked to you at all. Next year will be different!

Cheers on your unique achievement!
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Jahn, that was too cute.

Edwood, a hearty congratulations to you on your precious gift!
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