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The 20,000th Post.

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Thanks Santa for the unban!

While everyone is having fun across the hall playing Guitar Hero II (NeilPeart vs. Romanee was the clash of the titans when I left) here I am posting for the board, lol. I'll head over soon but since they don't have internet access there I thought I'd drop the line in the hotel room first.

So here's the line.

This post goes out to Edwood, who's had a more blessed event happen than any post count, and has been at home with the family and watching over Phoebe, his new baby girl! So since he's not at the Meet, my kid and I prepped the 20,000th post for them.

So without further ado - this one's for Post Counter #2!

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Jeez Jahn, what took you so long?
Edit: first post!
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Wow congratulations Jahn/James !!!

Sweet duo with your son !!!

I wish you another 10,000 posts !

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Cheers to you amigo, and heres to 20000 more

Cool vid!! I think my kid has the same PJs
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aw.... what a sweet little video. Good teamwork

Congrats on 20K.
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NICE. I'm sure your skills on the real guitar trump neil's and romanees

By the way, cute kid. ^_^
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Very awesome Jahn. Hey you may want to edit in something like "Click for video", I thought it was just a picture when I looked at it the first time. Couldn't figure out what the point was . But then I'm tired.
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Well done, James. What a cute kid!

And congrats to Edwood!
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Awesome duet, Congrats on your 20,000th post, & wish you 20,000 more,

cant wait
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congrats on 20K. That really is a lot of posts.
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Nice video.

Congratulations on the 20K...
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Originally Posted by Jahn View Post
who's had a more blessed event happen than any post count
dude. i dunno. 20000 is pretty high...

just kidding of course! happy day for edwood! jahn, could you youtube the video? i can't see it!
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Congratulations on your 20.000th post!
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Nice one Jahn. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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