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Yeah, I just want to chime in as well and say thank you. I've never been so impressed with pure sound quality from a recording - not by a factor of about 100. For me, it was like someone walking up to me with my iBuds and saying "Psst - have you ever heard of headphones? Like, full-size headphones? What about an amplifier?"
I now have to set about finding quality recordings of all of the great music out there, in light of the EXTREME differences between how much musical information can be conveyed on a CD or LP.

Again, thank you for speaking at our little meet...and don't rule out the potential of headphones
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
I would be very interested in hearing Steve Hoffman's talk as well.
Hopefully it will be Podcast'ed soon...
If only I could have come to such an event... is there any idea on when a podcast of Steve Hoffman's talk may be available, or a location to check for its posting? Or could it pretty much appear anywhere? heh.

EDIT: Ah, I'm slow. Just found the podcast link on the main page... Oh well, now I'll just wait eagerly in anticipation... hopefully it will be podcasted, and soon.
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Many HUGE thanks to you for coming out to San Jose to speak. Your stories of the people you've met and worked with were really interesting, and the music you brought was simply ethereal. I am so glad that music lovers like us have a champion out there (yes, that's you) who works for excellence in sound. Bravo to you. Thanks for bringing the tunes. Wow.

For those of you who didn't see Steve stay after his talk and hang out, I have to say he really is incredibly nice. For instance, he was kind enough to sign my copy of DCCs The Cars.

You've heard the phrase "you'll have to tear it from my cold, dead hands"? Yes, that's what I'm thinking! What an honor to have this in my collection.

Later that night we walked through the lobby to see Steve being interviewed by another Head-Fi'er. We sort of held up the camera like "" and Steve just gets up. "SURE!!!" Geez, like we were old friends. THAT'S how cool Steve is.

Again, many thanks for taking part in our national meet, and hope to run into you again in the future.

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Originally Posted by bhjazz View Post
Later that night we walked through the lobby to see Steve being interviewed by another Head-Fi'er.

Yeah - that was me interviewing him.
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